Marked Beauty by S.A. Larsen

Today we are excited to introduce you to Marked Beauty by S.A. Larsen. Marked Beauty Uncovering hidden secrets can sometimes kill you . . . or worse, steal your soul. Anastasia Tate has a secret. She can feel the emotions of others through their life energy auras. Not a welcome gift for a teenager. Especially when a sinister presence … [Read more...]

Fearless by Jennifer Jenkins

Today we are excited to introduce you to Fearless by Jennifer Jenkins. Fearless In exactly twenty-three days, Gryphon will offer his life to Chief Barnabas in exchange for the lives of his best friend and mess brothers. Until then, he must keep his plans from Zo while avoiding the Wolves of the Allied Camp. But Gryphon is not the only one … [Read more...]

Baked Taco Black Bean Quesadillas

These Taco Black Bean Quesadillas are one of my favorite things to make for lunch! They are kid-friendly, filling and make a great meatless meal! This is a sponsored post with Bush’s Beans. I love that this recipe for taco black bean quesadillas is made with ingredients that I always keep on hand. My favorite being Bush’s Beans, which are an … [Read more...]

Game Changer by Charissa Stastny

Today we are excited to introduce you to Game Changer by Charissa Stastny. Game Changer Meridee Mansford wants nothing to do with the popular crowd. She’s comfortable being invisible. But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about the hunky football player who visits the campus ice cream shop where she works. Still, she’s smart enough to … [Read more...]

Poppy Mayberry Return to Power Academy by Jennie K. Brown

Today we are excited to introduce you to Poppy Mayberry Return To Power Academy by Jennie K. Brown. Poppy Mayberry Return To Power Academy Finding out you were wrong about something important can be a let down. But Poppy is pleased to learn she's not just a Monday. She's a Cusper, a weekday lucky enough to have TWO powers. Poppy's elation … [Read more...]

40 Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

Halloween is drawing closer and today we have a fantastic list of spooky and fun kids Halloween crafts. Taking part in crafts and DIY projects can add a whole new element of fun to the Halloween season. Today on the blog we are sharing a number of ideas from paper plate craft ideas to mummy pen holders, painted rocks to fun Halloween Mason Jars. … [Read more...]

Marshmallow Matey FroYo Bites

These FroYo Bites are easy to customize and make a fun snack or breakfast for both kids and adults! This is a sponsored post. Today on the blog we have a fantastic new recipe for Marshmallow Matey FroYo Bites. This is a great idea for a tasty treat which is sure to keep the family or guests happy. Making treats using cereal is a great way to … [Read more...]

Show Off Your Favorite Photos On Your Amazon Fire TV

Have you struggled with how to show your pictures on the biggest screen in your home? You already took the pictures and now you just want to display them. If you live in the USA, you’re going to love the new options you have with your Amazon Fire TV. Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post. Utilize your Fire TV I am so glad we have our … [Read more...]

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