Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treating is one of the best Halloween activities for kids. Each year, kids want to see if they can bring in more candy than last year. While this is a fun activity, it can be dangerous. Over-sized costumes and dark streets can lead to injury. Let's take a closer look at some trick or treat safety tips. Trick or Treat in Groups As … [Read more...]

Between Hope and the Highway by Charissa Stastny

Today we are excited to introduce you to Between Hope and the Highway by Charissa Stastny. Between Hope and the Highway Sometimes things get so messed up you have to pick up and get the heck out of Dodge. That’s what Liz Ruthersford does. Memories can be weapons, and hers have become incoming missiles. Fleeing home and her parents’ pity, … [Read more...]

10 Halloween Activities for Kids

Ah yes, October is here! The wonderful time of the year when hundreds of ideas for Halloween activities are floating around. For many parents and caregivers, this is a time of fun and excitement, but for others, it is one of fear or worry as they know their child will want to participate in something Halloween related, but they don’t want to do … [Read more...]

OMG… I Did It Again by Talia Aikens-Nunez + $25 Giveaway

Today we are excited to introduce you to OMG... I Did It Again by Talia Aikens-Nuñez. OMG... I Did It Again April Appleton wakes up to quite the sight: a herd of elephants marching down her street! When her brother bursts in to her room with an accusing look on his face, she realizes that her powers of witchcraft have done it … [Read more...]

Rice & Rocks by Sandra Richards + $50 Giveaway

Today we are excited to introduce you to Rice & Rocks by Sandra Richards. Rice & Rocks Tradition takes flight in Rice & Rocks, a picture book celebrating culture and diversity. Giovanni’s friends are coming over for Sunday dinner, and his grandmother is serving rice and beans. Giovanni is embarrassed—he does not like “rice and rocks” … [Read more...]

Decadent Snickers Cupcakes Recipe

Chocolate, caramel and more chocolate! These Snickers Cupcakes combine the delicious taste of chocolate, the sweetness of caramel, peanut nougat, and roasted peanuts. They are topped with a rich caramel frosting. And drizzled on top with more caramel and topped with a Snickers bar, of course. Now doesn't that scream decadent?! These Snickers … [Read more...]

5 Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Halloween

While children love to celebrate Halloween, it's also a favorite holiday among many adults. For this reason, Halloween has gotten scarier and scarier over the past few decades. Instead of exposing your children to the gore and scares of Halloween, why not do something family-friendly? It might be going for a hayride or even decorating your home. … [Read more...]

The Sapphire Blade by Dorine White + $25 Giveaway

Today we are excited to introduce you to The Sapphire Blade by Dorine White. The Sapphire Blade (Cleopatra's Legacy 4) The final journey begins! Travel with past heroes and a new adventurer to the historical romps of London and the scorching sands of Alexandria. Fourteen-year-old Akmir, raised from birth to sacrifice everything in the … [Read more...]

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