Thirty-Four Going on Bride by Becky Monson + $100 Giveaway

Today we are excited to introduce you to Thirty-Four Going on Bride by Becky Monson. Thirty-Four Going on Bride (The Spinster Series Book 3 Julia Dorning is about to lose it. Between her over-the-top wedding that her sister, Anna, took upon herself to create, and the under-staffed popular bakery that she runs, she can barely find time to … [Read more...]

Olympic Inspiration – Lets Power Their Dreams and Support Team USA

Guess what? My family’s favorite part of summer 2016 is here. Are you wondering what that favorite part is? The Rio 2016 Olympic Games of course! Since Rio 2016 will never be here again, it’s time to celebrate and support Team USA and their most awe-inspiring moments. Check out how my family celebrates the Olympic Games. This is a sponsored post … [Read more...]

Aspirations for the New School Year + Find Out Why Box Tops are Worth Collecting

The new school year starts in just a few short weeks for some of us, for others, it is just days away. It’s so important that my kids have a good school year. While they are not worried, I am. I always worried about my kids, even though I know they will do a good job. This year, I have several aspirations for my kids and here they … [Read more...]

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD

Summer is slowly winding down, and before I know it all the kids will be back in school. Trying to find something for them to do all summer has been a task all of its own. I like to find something my nieces, nephews, and godkids can enjoy that doesn’t require my full attention. DVDs are a big help when it comes to having a few minutes of quiet time … [Read more...]

Making a School Calendar – Tips to Making It Work for You

When you or your child (or possibly both of you) go back to school this year, don't panic and make it harder than it has to be. Making a School Calendar is a great way to get organized ahead of time. Try these easy tips that can help you with your personal schedule as well as a school calendar before the new school year starts. Making a … [Read more...]

Dirty Little Secrets – How to Effectively Treat Difficult Stains

I bet with the title of this article, you were thinking something else. Now that I've got your attention, guess what? We are discussing laundry today! I’m talking about dirty little secrets in the laundry room. You know, all of those hours you spend trying to get those difficult stains out of your laundry. I wanted to share my dirty little secrets … [Read more...]

Harvest Chicken Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

This summer heat really takes it out of me. Mornings here are wonderful but by mid-afternoon, I have to stay indoors to escape the stifling heat. One way I’ve found to enjoy my afternoon at lunch time while staying out of the heat is to whip up this lovely Harvest Chicken Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette recipe. It’s a great light option if you are … [Read more...]

How to Establish a Back to School Routine

Don’t wait until the night before the new school year begins to get your children ready for the new year. Instead, establish a back to school routine. Start prepping them and yourself at least two weeks before the school bells set to ring so that you know you and your kids are ready to impress in the new school year. Back to School … [Read more...]

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