Starstruck by Sariah Wilson

Today we are excited to introduce you to Starstruck by Sariah Wilson. Starstruck “You’ve done better.” With one uncharacteristically sassy tweet to her longtime celebrity crush, Zoe Miller’s life turns upside down. Ultrahot A-lister Chase Covington doesn’t just respond to Zoe’s tweet, he does the unthinkable: he messages Zoe directly. … [Read more...]

Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy

Today we are excited to introduce you to Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy. Pretty Dead Girls Beautiful. Perfect. Dead. In the peaceful seaside town of Cape Bonita, wicked secrets and lies are hidden just beneath the surface. But all it takes is one tragedy for them to be exposed. The most popular girls in school are turning up … [Read more...]

Breaking The Ice by Julie Cross

Today we are excited to introduce you to Breaking the Ice by Julie Cross. Breaking the Ice Haley Stevenson seems like she’s got it all together: cheer captain, “Princess” of Juniper Falls, and voted Most Likely to Get Things Done. But below the surface, she’s struggling with a less-than-stellar GPA and still reeling from the loss of her … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Matching Game Free Printable

This Valentine's Day matching game is perfect for all ages, especially preschool and kindergarten. Have some fun at school or at home and improve their memories at the same time. My nieces and nephews love matching games, but the pieces get lost so quickly. With this free printable, you don't need to worry about paying money for a game that … [Read more...]

Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean

Today we are excited to introduce you to Hothouse Flower by Taylor Dean. Hothouse Flower I loved Jace Faraday with all my heart. I loved everything about him, from his huge smile to his fabulous laugh. Another man never caught my eye. It was always Jace and Shay, together forever. Until it wasn’t. He devastated me, he ruined me. … [Read more...]

Snowman Treats Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

These Snowman Treats are the perfect way to kick off the winter season. Who doesn’t love going out and building a snowman? It’s a wonderful way to spend a snow day. But what if you want to stay warm indoors? Well, then why not make a snowman in your kitchen? These snowman treats are so much fun for kids of all ages. They make a great addition to … [Read more...]

Easy Christmas Tree Treats

These Christmas Tree Treats are perfect for Christmas parties, class treats, or holiday dessert tables! Christmastime in here and it’s time to get in the kitchen. While there’s nothing wrong with making sugar cookies year after year, why not add something new? This gives you more time to spend with your kids and allows you and your family to try … [Read more...]

The Sweetheart Sham by Danielle Ellison

Today we are excited to introduce you to The Sweetheart Sham by Danielle Ellison. The Sweetheart Sham In a small town like Culler, South Carolina, you guard your secrets like you guard your cobbler recipe: with your life. Georgia Ann Monroe knows a thing or two about secrets: she’s been guarding the truth that her best friend Will is gay … [Read more...]

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