Need A New Camera – Any Recommendations?

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I recently dropped my Canon SD780 camera and after fiddling with it, I realized I couldn’t fix it. I called customer service, for an estimate of how much it would cost to get it repaired. I was then told a price that was almost as much as a new camera. I told them how ridiculous that was and ended the call and fiddled some more, but still nothing. A week later I ended up taking the camera to two repair shops, only to be told the same thing as customer service said, the week before. My frustration set in, so I put the camera in its case and pretty much forgot that I need a new Camera.

Over the weekend I go to charge my camera, and get ready for labor day weekend, and it hits me. The camera is broke! I don’t like borrowing things, so I get some tape and tools, and attempt to bring my camera back to life. After a lot of trial and error, to my surprise it actually worked when powered on. It’s probably just my imagination, but the pictures looked better than before. I got excited and told my husband I no longer needed a camera, so he would have to come up with something else as a present for my birthday. He shot that down quickly and told me the tape was a temporary solution, and I definitely need a new camera. I was then told to pick out a new camera and he would take care of the rest. I know he’s right, but I think he just doesn’t want to have to come up with a gift on his own.

Need a new camera and the array of equipment is mind boggling

It’s been about a few years since I last went through this, and even then my sister-in-law did most of the research. Ok all, I just picked the color. This time I decided I’d do it on my own and check out the digital camera sales. I set aside a few hours and browsed cameras online, but soon became overwhelmed. Although I didn’t find what I want, I have an idea of what I want.

I definitely don’t want a DSLR – I’m not taking up photography, and don’t know enough about lenses, so it would be a big waste of money. I just want a decent Camera that’s easy to use, for family pics and the blog. I decided a point and shoot would do the trick, but which one is still up in the air.

I desperately need a new camera and my birthday is in less than a week, so any feedback would be helpful.

Compensation received.

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  1. I have a Kodak M1063 that has been submerged in water four times and dropped at least ten and still takes beautiful, award winning pictures. I recommend it highly!

  2. Any camera in the $150 price range should work for you. I have a DSLR so I’m not much help. Sorry.

  3. Erin Nicole says:

    I have a Panasonic Lumix that I bought from Costco, and I absolutely love it! I had an older model of the same camera before, and when I upgraded, I decided to stick with the same brand because it works so well. It is easy to use, takes stunning pictures, and has lots of cool features. I would def. recommend it to anyone!

    • I saw this one, but unfortunately they didn’t have one in stock that I could play around with! Sounds like a great camera!

  4. Patricia N says:

    I’ve been happy with my Canon Power Shot. My teen daughter has a cheaper Canon as well, and they both take great pictures and are user friendly.
    I had a DSLR for about six months, and it was too complicated for me. I’m happy I traded it in for something simpler.
    Good luck!

  5. I like the Kodak brand. It has held up after a lot! LOL I have two little girls ages 4 and 5 and trust me when I saw it has been through a lot! So I think that anything Kodak makes would be great! Oh, is your camera still working after you fixed it? lol

    • I wondered when someone would ask that question. Surprisingly, it still works! I’ll definitely look into the Kodak brand.

  6. I can tell you what not to get. I have a cannon powershot and the color on it is terrible! It is always off. Then, again I got this camera almost 6 years ago so the newer versions may be better. 6 years does say something for the longevity though. :)

  7. I understand how overwhelming it is trying to find a camera! I have a DSLR also and it won’t work, so recently I’ve also been hunting for a camera. Personally, just looking for a point and shoot myself, and depending what you use the camera for it might work well for you also.
    Office Depot routinely puts their 100-150+ cameras on sale for less than $100.
    They have Nikons, Olympus and Canon.

  8. Well my birthday has come and gone and still no camera. Unless you count my broken camera where I did a quick fix and got it to work. I decided to go with a Canon, Panasonic Lumix or Nikon, but unfortunately none of the ones I liked were in stock! So for now I’ll continue to use my old camera, and wait for one of the three to become available or until I find something else I like.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback!

  9. Great topic! We are in the market to replace, as well, so I really appreciate all the suggestions I’ve read here! Thanks for a great discussion!

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