Book Review: Rae of Hope

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W.J. MayTitle: Rae of Hope
Author: W. J. May
Publisher: Mitchell Morris Publishing, Inc.
Format: Hard Copy, 248 Pages
Authors Website:


How hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past?

Fifteen-year-old Rae Kerrigan never questioned her family’s history. That is until she accepted a scholarship to Guilder Boarding School in England. Guilder is an exclusive, gifted school. Rae has no idea what she is getting herself into or that her family’s past is going to come back and taunt her.

She learns she is part of an unparalleled group of individuals who become inked with a unique tattoo (tatu) on their sixteenth birthday. The tatu enables them to have supernatural powers particular to the shape of their ink-art. Both of her parents were inked, though Rae never knew, as they passed away when she was young. Learning about her family’s past, her evil father and sacrificial mother, Rae needs to decide if there is a ray of hope in her own life.


Rae of Hope falls into the young adult category along with Harry Potter and Twilight series, without being stale and overdone. The characters have some of the same experiences as the young students in the Harry Potter series except, instead of being wizards, they have their own quirks. I’m honestly reminded of both Harry Potter and the show Heroes in an excellently done mash-up. The story is an easy read and entertaining and over way too soon. I am looking forward to reading the next installment from this series to find out what happens to Rae in her remaining years of school. Also, I found that this book more than met my expectations. I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

This product was distributed for reviewing purposes. This in no way affects the opinions expressed. No compensation was provided for this review. Please see the disclosure policy for more information.
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About Cassie

Cassie is a stay at home mom and college student. She spends her spare time reading books and doing crafts. Her favorite books are anything fiction, but especially scifi books.


  1. desiree says:

    i would love to read and blog on this book the cover is great

    • Awesome! Please let me know if you purchase to read and review! i’ll gladly send you some swag to use for yourself or as a contest!
      Cheers for reading the review!

  2. Thanks for the great review! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the book and for the 5 out of 5 stars :) I hope you’re interested in reading an ARC copy of the second book in the series, Dark Nebula. I’ll drop you an email when its available if you’d like!

    Thanks again and Happy Easter

  3. Linda Henderson says:

    I’m not familiar with this book but I do believe that I would like it. I did enjoy the Harry Potter books, even though I’m not a young adult, so I think this one would interest me very much. I will put it on my list. Thank you for the great review, I really want to read this one.

    • Hi Linda!
      I’m not YA either :) but i still love to read it all the time as well! LOL
      I hope you get a chance to read Rae of Hope and I’d love to hear your thoughts!
      Cheers and have a great Spring!

  4. cover looks beautiful and the story very well :) I hope that you will ever in my bookcase

    • I hope so too! I would love to hear your thoughts on Rae of Hope :) I didn’t choose the cover but the publisher did a fantastic job :) Thanks so much!

  5. Phyllis Hunt says:

    Very intriguing. I would really enjoy this book, I am so fascinated by the mystical and unexplained. This sounds like it would be very captivating. One I would have to keep reading until I was done.

    • Hi Phyllis! i hope you get a chance to read Rae of Hope. I’d love to hear your thoughts… and see if it ended up a real page turner for you :)
      Cheers, Wanita

  6. 2BlueEyes37 says:

    OK – I keep seeing this book which means it’s clearly time to read it. Sounds absolutely fascinating and right up my alley!

  7. Tina B says:

    Nice review. I have not read Harry Potter (gasp-I know), but this one sounds intriguing. Thank you for the nice review. Sometimes easy reads are a nice change of pace. :)

  8. Well, I like the books you compared it to. Thanks for review, I will have to look into it further.

  9. Maneesha Haroon says:

    Thanks for the great review!
    I LOVE the Harry Potter and Twilight series, so I’m guessing I would like this one as well. I have added this to my TBR list!

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