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Keeping a cell phone is not cheap. First of all, purchasing a phone already demands a significant amount of cash. Second maintaining a subscription can cost more than the phone itself over time. That is why nowadays, it is ideal to stick to being a minimalist when it comes to selecting a phone in the sense that we should only choose the phones with just enough specifications and features t suit our needs. When it comes down to this not many of us would really need a high end phone like an iPhone 4s. If you are ready to accept this fact and are ready to save some money by choosing one of the most affordable unlimited offers then I suggest looking for alternative networks. Mainstream networks providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint just costs too much if you’re going for the basic functions.

Most Affordable Unlimited Offers, Which is the Safest Choice?

If you are looking for the most affordable unlimited offers options, I would suggest considering Virgin Mobile, Cricket, or Straight Talk. All of these networks are pre-paid networks that offer talk, text and data for a set amount of price. Of course, there are also postpaid networks like T-Mobile and Sprint who are offering similar packages. However, we find these networks to be more affordable in terms of price and are more manageable for being postpaid services which means there are no contracts to bind you into the subscription for a set amount of time.

To compare these three networks, we will consider criteria that significantly affect the experience that subscriber get from the network. These criteria are features, phone selection, coverage, and affordability. To start, we will be studying the features that each of these networks offer.

Cricket – As was mentioned earlier, Cricket offers one of lowest rates around. Unlimited talk time, text messaging, and data usage is already available for only $45 a month. These features are also available if you go roaming, all you have to do is add additional $20 per month. These unlimited offers however, are limited to basic phones. If you are going for a smart phone (Android) then we are talking about a different set of plans. Affordable still, nonetheless. A good this about going Android is that Cricket Supports the Android Muve Music support which allows you to download unlimited music and videos from Android Muve’s database. This, however, is limited to Android Muve compatible devices.

Straight Talk – Like Cricket, Straight Talk is a very affordable network (by Tracfone) that offers affordable unlimited prepaid plans. Unlimited talk, text and data are available for $45 per month. Even in an unlimited plan, Straight Talk’s data is still reliable and provides data traffic speed of 80 Kbps to 120 Kbps.

Virgin Mobile – Virgin Mobile would not be on the list of it cannot go toe to toe in terms of affordability and features. Unlimited Data, and 90 minutes of talk time is available for $35. Availing both unlimited data and talk time costs significantly higher; $55 per month. Virgin Mobile uses Sprint’s 3g network and thus we can surmise that it is just as reliable as Sprint (but is significantly slower in terms of data traffic and download speeds).

Comparison – In terms of features, Cricket has the upper hand as aside from unlimited data and talk subscriptions, it also offers Android Muve support. Virgin Mobile and Straight Talk, on the other hand are in a tug-of-war for the second place.

Cricket – Cricket offers one of the best phone selections if we look at the phones that prepaid networks offer. Usually, prepaid networks offer basic phones to low end phones. Cricket, on the other hand, managed to add a few mid-end phones in its inventory, which is worth noting for a prepaid network.

Straight Talk – Like the main network which it belongs to, Tracfone, Straight Talk mostly offers basic phones but also has some low end smart phones available for subscribers. If you are looking for a bit of advanced features, Straight Talk may disappoint you.

Virgin Mobile – Among all of the prepaid networks, Virgin Mobile has the most impressive set of phones available. Virgin Mobile has a decent range of mid-end smart phones and few high-end smart phones to offer. If you are looking for some advanced functions that cannot be offered by basic phones, then Virgin Mobile has the answer.

Comparison – Among the three, Virgin Mobile has the best selection of phones. You will not fall short when it comes to functionality if you choose Virgin Mobile. Next in line is cricket offering some mid-end basic phones and some notably great phones like Huawei Mercury. Last is Straight Talk that only offers basic and low-end smart phones.

Cricket – When it comes to coverage, Cricket is a serious contender in the competition as it covers 95% of the country with its GSM and UMTS networks.

Straight Talk – As was mentioned before, Straight Talk is a product of the largest prepaid network provider, Tracfone. Using Tracfone’s GSM and CDMA network, Straight Talk covers 99% of the USA. Coverage is not an issue with this network unless you live in one of the most isolated parts in the country.

Virgin Mobile – Virgin Mobile’s greatest weakness is its coverage which only covers 60 to 70 percent of the USA. If you are getting Virgin Mobile, a thorough research and consideration about its signal strength in your area is due.

Comparison – Settling the score when it comes to coverage is simple enough. Straight Talk offers the best coverage followed closely by Cricket; Virgin Mobile is way behind in this category, which is a great disadvantage.

Cricket – Cricket offers its unlimited data and talk services for $45 a month. For $65 a month, you can also have these features and use it anywhere in the world which makes Cricket an ideal network if you will go roaming. If you are going for an Android Smart Phone, then you will have to pay rates close to T-Mobile’s. However, the affordability is still there if you will be subscribing to Android Muve.

Straight Talk – Straight Talk offers the cheapest unlimited data and talk time that is available for only $40. This is fixed so there is nothing much more to know about Straight Talk aside from the fact that it’s the most affordable network in town and that it also offers Straight talk promo codes for further discounts.

Virgin Mobile – Virgin mobile offers $35-unlimited data. However, you will need to dish out another $10 if you would like to enjoy its unlimited talk time.

Comparison – I think that the safest choice and most affordable unlimited offers among the three is Cricket as, unlike the two, you will not be compromising functionality or connectivity by choosing this network.

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    I would also mention Tracfone which is far and a way the cheapest cell phone provider. They are amazingly cheap on a monthly basis however their minutes are espensive.


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