Book Review: Madison K. Live, Life, Fun

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Nina Kaplan
Title: Madison K. Live, Life, Fun
Author: Nina Kaplan
Format: Paperback, 203 pages

A Glimpse Inside the World of Madison K…

“I just know in my gut when things are not right, but how do I make a good decision?”

“It is very important to Madison to speak through her choices. After all, an artist must express herself through her presentation. It is a matter of social humanity: she is sure of that! Madison says what she means and she means what she says, verbally and visually.”

“I just think that the world has forgotten about the human being. I really want to bring authenticity and humanity into the beauty industry.”

My Thoughts

Madison K. by Nina Kaplan was a bit of an odd read for me. I liked the message and I think the story itself has a lot of potential but the way it read seemed off to me. It didn’t flow. It seemed like the narrator was speaking at you rather than telling the story to you. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense it’s just the best way I can explain it. Another thing that I was unsure of was how the book is part fiction, part biography and part promotional tool. Ultimately this book is about Nina Kaplan’s BLC brand and there is nothing wrong with that however I think I would have preferred to read the whole truth rather than fiction sprinkled with truth.

I did enjoy the characters. They were believable and engaging. Fresh out of high school three girl friends, all ambitious and motivated all get the chance to pursue their dreams. Absolutely great role models for a teenager to look up too. In fact I know a few adults that could learn a bit from them. Madison K learns some tough lessons about being naive and finding out the world is not perfect. However aside from that there was only a little more conflict at the very end of the book, which seemed to be added as an afterthought. Kind of like an “in case I write another one” scenario.

Overall I expected more from this book. I wish it was better because it the ideas for a great story are all there it just wasn’t put together right.

3 Stars

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  1. G Bailey says:

    i agree with your assessment just based on the quotes from the book

  2. June M. says:

    I am glad I read your review before getting this for my nieces. I don’t think they would enjoy it very much, they are not big readers so when they read, they need something to really get and keep your attention, lots of action. I do like the cover though.

  3. Jennifer Rae says:

    Thanks for reviewing this book! I added it to my “to-read” list on goodreads! I look forward to reading it!

  4. Thank you for the honest review…I agree and I like books that capture my attention. Love to get lost in a story and I doubt if I would get past the first chapter on this one

    • Maegan Morin says:

      It was really hard to read. I wanted so badly to like it but it just didnt feel right when I was reading it.

  5. Jennifer Hiles says:

    Love your blunt reviews! I rarely read a review that isn’t “this is the best ever” and I appreciate your honesty! I’m not sure I would be into a book that is “part fiction, part biography and part promotional tool” I’m a all or nothing reader i guess.

    • Maegan Morin says:

      I totally understand what you mean! And I thank your for you kind comments. I try my best to give my honest opinion without telling people the story. Sometimes I feel bad if I have read to many good books because I think people might think I’m lying lol. But you can count on all of my reviews being 100% honest!

  6. Jessica says:

    Glad to see an honest review of this book. Honestly though nothing about this book is biographical except for the fact that the author has a daughter named Madison K. however this book was not inspired by true events in her daughter’s life. I applaud Kaplan’s attempt at writing a novel with a strong female lead however she falls extremely short in her writing and storytelling skills. Her sentence structure his horrible, her characters are by Forster’s definition flat and I completely agree with what you said about the thrown in conflict. I hope in her second novel Kaplan takes the time to give her characters some real depth, create a more fluid storyline and write with more advanced sentence structure.

    • lisa Fisher says:

      Check out the second novel Madison K. Live, Life, Fun….New York Style I think you will find the character development you are looking for really good and a great read.

  7. lisa fisher says:

    I loved this book!! I think your missing the big picture here. The character Madison K. is a great role model and one that is desperately needed in the world of non doers and lack luster ambition. I found it quite easy to read and as a mother of a now 19 year old daughter I think it was written in a way that the young girls can relate to. It felt like more of a beginning and I hope that there is more to come.

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