Book Review: Make It Count: 180 Devotions for the School Year

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Sue Christian

Devotions, like bedtime stories & getting tucked in, are often a treasured family routine. Some families prefer to do them in the morning to start the day off right. Most devotionals are geared for a 365 day time frame. ‘Make It Count’ uniquely offers one with a 180 day time frame, starting with Day 180 & counting backwards, to coincide with the school year.

Sue Christian, a former teacher & a Pastor’s wife, designed this devotional for elementary school aged children. It is simply illustrated and has a special topic for each day.

The Scriptures consist of a sentence or two. They are the perfect length for memorizing and parallel the thought or quote on the page. Topics include: working hard in school, idolatry, & using God’s name properly. Scripture text comes from the Common English Bible’s translation and spans the Old & New Testaments.

My 9 year old son really enjoyed these. We read through several & have agreed to restart on the first day of school. The length of each devotional is just enough to hold the attention span of younger readers. It is also written so that he could easily read them himself at a fourth-grader’s level. But, in our time-crunched days, they are just the right size to provide a proper message without feeling rushed or losing his interest.

There certainly are endless offerings in the field of Christian nonfiction-especially in devotionals. This one, however, could be considered a go-to for any family. If you are in the market for a devotional that is simplistic without being too babyish for your elementary school kid, I would highly recommend ‘Make It Count’.

It definitely achieves a 5 of 5 stars from my son & me.

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Abingdon Press

More information about Sue Christian’s work can be found at For information on the Scripture text used in the book visit this

I received one print copy to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided. I was under no obligation to write a positive review.

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  1. Jan Messali says:

    This sounds like a great book. As a teacher, I’d like to read it each morning before I go to school.


    • To God be the glory that you all like this devotional book. I wrote it for my daughter when she was in high school and she told me to try and get it published. God is wonderful. I believe there is some teens out there that God wanted this published for.

  2. This looks like a book our family would enjoy or that our kids could read themselves. I like that it is specifically geared to the school year.

  3. I love a devotional that you can share with the children. The ones I have are a bit too deep.

  4. Diane @ Philzendia says:

    This sounds like a great book for kids. Must be pretty popular. I went to check it out on amazon and see that it’s on back-order (won’t ship for 1-2 weeks)!

  5. This book sounds perfect for my 8 yr old neice. She goes to a Christian school and she memorizes long scriptures. I’m so proud of her! This would be great for at night and she’d probably read it in the morning too. She loves to read and so does her sister. My other neice is 4 and she loves to be read to. Thanks for the great info on this book! Have A Blessed Sunday! :)

  6. My grandson loves for me to read to him and I think this would be a great book for me to share with him. This is the only childrens devotions book that I have ever heard of.
    Its nice for them and will be in words that they can understand more . I would read them at night probably so they can think about them while they fall asleep at bedtime

  7. My son’s a little too young to really understand a book like this yet, but I do love the idea behind it!

  8. Mary Dailey says:

    I love this idea. When I was in high school, our principal, Mr. Farnsworth, always gave a nondenominational devotion every morning before we really started our classes over the P.A. system. I loved those devotionals and it started my day off perfectly. If only he had known how much I needed them. I am happy to say his daughter and I are now friends on Facebook and we didn’t know each other before.

  9. Cheryl Free says:

    I love daily devotion books. They’re short and to the point :)

  10. Christine Dawson says:

    Like Mary. in high school my principal would say a little devotion for everyone. I love short devotion books, especially those that have the bible references already. They are great for when you are in a down mood. Very uplifting. Nice review!

  11. Thanks for the info about this! I love doing devotions with my kids. It’s one good way to help keep their hearts focused on God.

  12. This sounds like a good book that my family would enjoy reading! It would be easy to incorporate it into our daily homeschool life. We enjoy devotionals, and this seems like a good book to plant a thoughtful seed for the day.

  13. Mike Davis says:

    This is awesome—Dianna, my wife,starts the day with devotion with the kids– sometimes, its right in the middle of breakfast– but its the only way she knows how to start the day. I’m crabby if I don’t have coffee– she is if she doesn’t have a morning of devotion–We enjoy it. Now we may have to get this

  14. CassandraG says:

    Looks like an interesting book to look into. Nice review.

  15. Simona Ithil says:

    This sounds awesome! I love this review!

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