Tens List Favorite Romantic Movies by Heather B. Moore

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Each of us has a favorite romantic movie. Whether it’s a tearjerker, romantic comedy, has romantic overtones, or stories that make us think of our relationships. Whatever the reason you love these movies, and you watch them over and over again. Check out Heather B. Moore’s tens list favorite romantic movies you ought to see at least once.

Tens List Favorite Romantic Movies

In no particular order, they are all great!

1. The Young Victoria
2. The Holiday
3. Letters to Juliet
4. Notting Hill
5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
6. 21
7. PS I Love You
8. He’s Just Not that into You
9. Penelope
10. Catch and Release

What’s on your Tens List Favorite Romantic Movies?

Heather B. Moore is the award-winning author of ten novels, two inspirational non-fiction books, and two anthologies, including The Newport Ladies Book Club Series, A Timeless Romance Anthology, and Christ’s Gifts to Women (co-authored by Angela Eschler).

Her historical fiction is published under the pen name H.B. Moore. She is the two-time recipient of Best of State in Literary Fiction, two-time Whitney Award Winner, and two-time Golden Quill Winner for Best Novel. Her most recent historical novel under H.B. Moore is Daughters of Jared (2012 LUW Gold Award of Excellence & 2012 LUW Best Book Trailer).

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Heart of the Ocean Author Heather B. Moore Heart of the Ocean by Heather B. Moore
A dark secret. . . a grieving ghost. . . a handsome stranger. . .
What more could Eliza Robinson want?
Except for maybe her life.

In Heather B. Moore’s enthralling 1840’s historical romance, Heart of the Ocean, Eliza Robinson has turned down the very pretentious Mr. Thomas Beesley’s marriage proposal. As a business partner of Eliza’s father, Thomas quickly discredits the family and brings disgrace to the Robinson name.

While her father scrambles to restore his good name in New York City, Eliza flees to the remote Puritan town of Maybrook to stay with her Aunt Maeve. Although relieved to be away from all- things-male and unforgiving gossip columns, odd things start to happen to Eliza, and she is plagued by a ghostly voice. Her aunt’s explanation? That Eliza is being haunted by a woman who died of a broken heart twenty years ago.

After Aunt Maeve is tragically killed, Eliza’s life is put in danger as she tries to uncover the mystery of her aunt’s death. She encounters Jonathan Porter in Maybrook, whose presence in the town seems suspicious, yet she finds herself drawn to him. When she discovers that Jonathan’s dark secrets may be the link between the dead woman who haunts her and her aunt’s murderer, Eliza realizes that Jonathan is the one man she should never trust.

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  1. Rita Wray says:

    I love Gone With The Wind, I think it is a wonderful movie.


  2. Becky Davis says:

    My favorite romantic comedy is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  3. Heather Moore says:

    I need to watch Gone With the Wind again! :-)

  4. i like the war horse and want to seelincoln but the wizzard of oz a nd gone with the wind

  5. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh wow! I have only seen 1 of these! I do love How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! I also love An Officer And A Gentleman!

  6. jenna tomaszewski says:

    The notebook will always be my favorite but on your list how to lose a guy is the best

  7. My favorite Romantic movie is one that is not common… Benny and Joon with Johnny Depp :)

  8. Joanne Gregory says:

    I have never seen any of those movies. I really like “Love, Actually” and Gone with the Wind is a classic though I have wanted to backhand Scarlett for being such a twit.

  9. I will have to read some of these books, I am always looking for a good book.

  10. I’ve only seen #5..

  11. Meghan Page says:

    I love most of these movies, but I have to admit I’ve never seen your number one pick! I will have to find it and rent it

  12. gail bradford says:

    Great movies! I agree with them all… my daughter loves penelope it’s her favorite movie

  13. I LOVE Gone With The Wind. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I have to watch it any time it’s on!

  14. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    Great list, but I think Twilight should be on it :)

  15. Sherri Lewis says:

    Great list… I have seen most of those. I am more into romantic comedy, so my favorite of those is probably Valentine’s Day

  16. Megan Parsons says:

    This is a great list, but it’s missing the Notebook!!!

  17. I never seem to get to watch “romantic” movies in my house…I’ve got boys, so I’m either watching kids/family (with the boys) or ‘action/adventure or sci-fi’ with the hubby… by the time everyone else is asleep, I barely have time to run my blog… I don’t think I’ve seen ANY of the movies you’ve listed!
    Although, I have heard of 2 of them!!!

    Maybe I’ll have to find a way to sneek some ‘me time’ and watch one!

  18. Janelle Lutgen says:

    Love Story

  19. Amanda Shaffer says:

    P.S I Love You. Love this movie!!

  20. Tina Seagraves says:

    awesome list can’t wait to start reading..

  21. Brenda Burgess says:

    I have seen Notting Hill and How to loose a guy in 10 days, and they are really great movies. The rest of them I have not seen yet, I will have to put those on my to do list.

  22. kelly nicholson says:

    Penelope…is that the Natalie Wood one…loved it!..love her!

  23. One of my favorites is Pride and Prejudice.

  24. Lilia Kharabora says:

    I have yet to see Penelope and Letters to Juliet :)
    Good list

  25. Oh I love alot of those movies : P.s I love, Letters to Juliet, Penelope, How to lose a guy.. so many good ones. I think another romantic movie I like is Pride and Prejudiced with keira knightley. I love Movies especially when they make me feel good inside :D

  26. I wasn’t to thrilled with Notting Hill, but the rest were good. My favorites would be The Notebook, Music & Lyrics and When A Man Loves A Woman.

  27. Jaime Lester says:

    I don’t watch a ton of romance movies. Rarely, actually. Surprisingly I have seen a few of these. Notting Hill, He’s Just Not That Into You, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and The Holiday. They were all very cute!

  28. nurmawati djuhawan says:

    one of my fave movies ever is WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (sandra bullock)
    never boring to watch it :)

  29. Diana Dimovska says:

    Notting Hill, great movie! :D

  30. Lindsey V. says:

    My favorite romantic movie is The Princess Bride. So good. :-)

    Thank you so much for the post; there were many on the top 10 list that I love as well!

    Best Wishes,
    Lindsey V.

    • I LOVE romantic movies and have many favorites I never tire of such as :
      . Pretty Woman
      . The Bridges of Madison County
      . Stepmom
      . Dirty Dancing

      So many more…

  31. Suzanne Coates says:

    I wasn’t aware you had written the Heart of the Ocean…in fact I have never heard of it before.
    In fact, there are even fiv of your ten favorite movies I have never heard of. I guess I have been oo busy

  32. Shamara Catama says:

    I have seen Letters to Juliet, Notting Hill and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and they are some of my favourite romantic movies of all time, especially How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It’s so funny and romantic!

  33. Carol Edwards says:

    This list is interesting and I will have to put some of them on my to watch list .

  34. I would definitely add When Harry Met Sally to this list.

  35. Kathleen says:

    I LOVED Letters To Juliet! It really wasn’t that big of a movie and didn’t get much press, but I really loved it. I have learned one thing about me and movies and that is, to NOT trust critics takes, or others opinions on films. I believe this whole heartedly because I have often differed immensely from their take on them. BTW, I would have on my Tens List of Romance Movies;
    1. The Notebook
    2. A Walk to Remember
    3. Love Story
    4. A Walk in the Clouds
    5. Splendor in the Grass
    6.The Bridges of Madison County
    7. Message in a Bottle
    8.The Wedding Planner
    9.P.S. I Love You
    10. For Love of the Game

  36. I’ve watch Letters to Juliet, and I love it! It’s simple but sweet, my favourite :)

  37. ooh! I love author lists, they’re such a good way to find new books (or movies int his case!) I actually haven’t watched a few of these yet (like Notting Hill or Penelope), but absolutely adore How to Lose a Guy in 10 Day, Letters to Juliet, and He’s Just Not That Not You). The only one you have listed that I didn’t like was PS I Love You, but I know I’m in the minority for my opinion on that one, so I never hold it against anyone for liking it.

  38. Sherry Compton says:

    Love how you have a mixture…some very emotional and touching and some more comedic and fun for all. It’s an interesting list, and I like several. Princess Bride is always a “classic” Nicholas Sparks ones are also very popular. Grab your tissues, gather with people, and kick bag for an emotional pull on the heart strings.

  39. Christine says:

    Love so many of these!! Notting Hill is one of my all-time favorites. And The Young Victoria is one I’ve had on my list to watch for ages now (I have it on DVD since it first came out, but somehow it’s continually been overlooked). Now I really need to remedy that and watch it–I’ve been dying to see it! :D

  40. My favorites are The Little Shop Around he Corner and it’s modern day remake: You’ve Got Mail!

  41. I LOVE The Holiday! I watch it constantly when it’s on TV.

  42. I am not as crazy about historical romance, but this book sounds really good! And I liked several from your list above including how to Lose a Guy in 10 days & Letters to Juliet.

  43. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My all time favorite is The Notebook. No matter how many times I see it I still shed a few tears.

  44. Lots of good ones on the list! I think mine is still The Notebook though :)

  45. GREAT, great list! I hope to be able to make a dent in this list one day. Since I have become a mom, reading books has gone to the wayside.

  46. Jeanette Jackson says:

    My favorite romantic movie is An Officer and a Gentleman

  47. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I used to watch The Holiday every Monday in college (it was a rule in our household!). I think I know EVERY WORD. :) And I think Penelope is so underrated, I love that one too, but not many people have watched it. I’ve never seen The Young Victoria, it’s added to my list!

  48. Dawn Monroe says:

    Where are the classics? Gone with Wind didnt make it? Hmmm.

  49. These are some of my favorites also.I love p.s. I love you the best.

  50. Natasha Tucker says:

    I love the movie PS I Love You! One of my all time favorites. I am such a sucker for romantic movies. I’ve heard that Letters to Juilet is really good and I definitely need to watch that one.

  51. judy gardner says:

    i have not seen all of the movies on this list, but i do love Holiday!!! very sweet movie (and i love jack black!)

  52. Kate Hearn says:

    Love actually should be on here…love that movie! I do like PS I Love you…makes me bawl everytime

  53. Notting Hill is one of my favorite movies! I could watch it over and over again!

  54. Rebecca Parsons says:

    These are great movies, but my all time favorite is The Notebook.. I need a box of tissues every time.

  55. Jennifer Aikens says:

    I really like a walk to remember and of course the notebook but they are tear jerkers to the extreme I can only watch once in awhile

  56. laurie nykaza says:

    Letters to Juliet it such a beautiful movies the places they travel to so amazing wish I had been there great story of love

  57. roxana barriere says:

    I’ve never seen “The Young Victoria” or “Penelope”. I will have to check them out. I am a sucker for a good romantic movie. :)

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