Ways to Keep the Whole Family Entertained

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This sponsored post on ways to keep the whole family entertained has been brought to you by Tesco.

When you’re catering for a number of different ages, fidgety, bored children can be a challenge. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get creative when you’re trying to occupy the whole family; from good old-fashioned crafts for rainy days to outdoor action in the sun, there are loads of ideas to choose from.

Ways to Keep the Whole Family Entertained

If the weather’s scuppered your plans for the day, try making a large-scale artwork indoors that everyone can contribute to. Cut out coloured pieces of paper or even delve into the recycling to create a huge mosaic, or find anything from potatoes to old sponges and get printing.

Backyard games can easily be recreated inside with a bit of ingenuity. Kids can devise their own throwing game by cutting holes out of a large piece of card, then leaning it against a wall and setting up a ‘line’ from where they can try and get beanbags in the holes. All ages can join in as you can give scores for different holes and older ones can stand further away to make it more difficult.

You could even persuade your children to a traditional sing-along if you call it karaoke. There are various consoles which have their own version of this to encourage your kids to get up and move around rather than staring at the screen when playing video games and it’s entertaining in itself to witness their embarrassment at Dad’s renditions of old Bon Jovi hits.

If you’re bored of the same old hide and seek, geo-caching is the new craze for brighter days and perfect for the technological generation. Use a hand-held GPS device to locate ‘clues’ in your local area; you’ll need a good few hours but they’ll certainly be entertained – and exhausted – by the end.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are still the best and it might be that nothing beats old favorites like Monopoly and the family Lego set when the boredom threatens; after all, they’re not called favorites for nothing. However you do it, getting everyone involved is a great opportunity for bonding while having fun at the same time and it’s hard to argue with that.

Summer is quickly approaching so do not delay on looking for ways to keep the whole family entertained. If you plan most of your activities in advance, you will be free to enjoy your family and not stress about the details. Anyone have any ideas or tips on fun ways to keep the whole family entertained?

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  1. I find the whole engaging children to create their own games are brilliant! It gives them the opportunity to create and then to enjoy their creation. Great tips!

  2. Kate Weber says:

    I love this post! Geocaching is definitely one of the best things you can do as a family. I grew up geocaching and loved it.

    Some of my ideas:
    – Do a scavenger hunt.
    – Make an activity jar. Each piece of paper has an activity and once in a while, pull one out and do it.
    – Read together. That was one of my favorite things as a kid.
    – Go camping, fishing, kite flying, hiking, and just get outside.
    – Pull out the messy stuff and make art. I know it’s a pain to clean it up, but the messy stuff is so much more fun to play with.

  3. Maritza Robinson says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I don’t have children but do have my nieces and nephews over to my house for sleep overs all the time. They do get bored with the same games all the time. One of the games they do love is treasure hunt. Where my sister and I leave clues around the yard or park and have them run around and try to find the treasure. I like the idea of the GPS. Something cool and different. Will have to try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cali W. says:

    These are great ideas to keep kids entertained! <3

  5. Great ideas for younger families. I think the only one that would really work in my family is geocaching, as the kids are teens.

  6. We have three kids that I homeschool so this post was very interesting to me. We often play board games (Clue is our favorite) and have fun “art” days where we paint with sponges, apples, potatoes and fingers and toes. My kids love it and it certainly beats watching tv or playing video games!

  7. Mary Preston says:

    We often get the LEGO out. Everyone enjoys it.

  8. What a great post! I agree that finding your inner creativity to create something to do is so much better than just watching another re-run on t.v. or letting the kids play video games.
    Some ideas:
    Crafting for the holidays. We all know how hectic it gets around the holidays and you easily run out of time and don’t end up making that special homemade gift you wanted to. Pick a free day up to a month or two BEFORE the holiday and crank out some gifts or get the kids to make their holiday cards, etc early. (This especially works for Christmas).
    Scavenger Hunts: When I was a kid, a scavenger hunt comprised of little sticky notes pointing you in a million directions before you found the prize. Another way to do it is to hide things, make a list with some clues, have the kids find the items, and whoever found the most gets a prize.

  9. Melinda Dartmann says:

    Board games and snacks are the best! But I will put in a strong second for movies and popcorn!

  10. Jennifer Christensen says:

    I’ve honestly found it is hard to find things for the entire family because everyone enjoys different things. But one thing I have found is getting maybe 20 paper bags and some pingpong balls and setting the bags up on the floor in my living room and we try to get the balls in the bags. Other than that, reading seems to be a good one.

  11. Great ideas! We enjoy trivial pursuit.

  12. Geo-caching is a great idea, we did this as a whole family and it does take up a whole afternoon. Plus you might actually get to see places in your own neighborhood that you didn’t even know existed.

    Playing with the GPS is so much fun too

  13. Brittany C says:

    Thanks for all the fun ideas. My girls are 4 years apart, but good ‘ole hide and seek is something we can all play.

  14. backyard games sound easy and fun

  15. great ideas! My favorite family fun is making a big slip n slide outside if it’s nice warm weather. Or a family game night where the monopoly game goes on for hours. Those were some of the best memories in my life.

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