Gift Giving Made Easy with the Reverse Wishlist

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Those Media Girls and Pick UR Gift. All opinions are my own.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I am finalizing my Christmas gift list. I love Christmas shopping. It is always so much fun until I get to the one person that I have no idea what to buy. My sister-in-law is the hardest person to shop for. She’s never satisfied with anything I buy.

Over the years I’ve picked out gifts and it went like this:

Gift Card – “There’s never anything worth buying in that store.”
DVD’s – “These movies are full of terrible actors.”
Kitchen Gadgets – “Now I have to cook.”
Electronics – “Brand XYZ is much better.”

Gift Giving Made Easy

Just the thought of picking out a gift for her makes me cringe. So, when I had the opportunity to try out pick UR gift, a website that helps you eliminate the guesswork and get the right gift with the Reverse Wishlist I was all in.

Gift Giving Made Easy

What is the Reverse Wishlist you ask? Let me tell you about it. It is a list of gift ideas that you can create using the UR Button, a bookmarklet that is added to your browsers favorites or bookmarks bar. Sounds easy right? It was. Take a look for yourself:

Gift Giving Made Easy

After registering, I followed the quick and easy instructions to install the UR Button to my favorites bar in chrome. Once that was done I was ready to visit websites, and save gift ideas for my sister-in-law.

When I started shopping for my sister-in-law, I started with one of my favorite stores, Macy’s. When I found a product I thought she wouldn’t complain too much about, I clicked on the UR button and added it to the Reverse Wishlist that I made for her. Once you find a product you like it takes less than a minute to add it. Simply select who you are shopping for, the gift page you want it added to, the correct image of the item, and then select add your gift. There is also a gift description section where you can add additional information about the gift if you like. I used it to jot down the current price the products were selling for at the time I added them.

Did you notice that I only added Kitchen products? One of the many gifts she previously complained about. I figure if she’s going to complain to my brother about my gift he might as well get a good meal while he listens.

You can also set up a wish list so friends and family know what to get for you too. How cool is that? I wish I would have known about this last month when everyone was asking me what I wanted for my birthday. I might have found out too late for my birthday, but I was able to help my grandma create a list for hers.

Gift Giving Made Easy

Holiday shopping should not be stressful. So if you are buying a gift for one of the hardest people you’ve ever had to shop for spare yourself the misery, and give the Reverse Wishlist a try.

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Who is the hardest person on your holiday gift list to shop for? Comment below.

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  1. Vickie Young says:

    This is such a great idea. I dislike trying to figure out what to get my teenage nieces and nephews. This would make gift giving much easier.

  2. That’s an interesting concept. I could use this for my in-laws. They are the hardest to shop for.

  3. Isn’t this a great idea? I had to laugh about your brother getting a good meal :)

  4. I love the idea of this it sounds like it makes gifting much more easy as you know what people want instead of having to guess. x

  5. i like it it would make shopping so much easier

  6. The hardest person to shop for is my husband, because if he wants something he buys it for himself. He don’t like much he is in to modeling so when something comes out that he wants if he don’t get it now then he will miss out since they don’t make a whole lot of the items.

    So for holidays I just have him send me an email in Nov with links to what he wants then go from there. So I guess he may be the easiest lol. Aside him it would have to be me because I don’t want anything.

  7. Jennifer Williams says:

    That is a neat idea. Luckily I do not have many to buy for and our family does not buy for adults, we donate to children that would not have a Christmas instead.

  8. Janeane Davis says:

    This is a really great idea. It is wonderful to be able to give people gifts they actually want to receive instead of just giving gifts we think they want.

  9. what a cool idea!!!!! I truly hate shopping so this would eliminate the need…lol wish I had thought of this!

  10. very informative and useful website…. ill try this one…

  11. I love this idea, it saves time.

  12. Tingting R. says:

    I wish my friends and family are living here in the US, so I can just use this website to send in my gift list. :-)

  13. Maxie Anderson says:

    This sounds like a great idea for a lot of people. But, as I am very limited to my gift buying I wouldn’t be able to use it. You see, not much left of my SS ck. after paying my bills, and I have 6 kids, 12 grands, and 19 great-grands, and love to give gifts. So I have to make something, watch yard sales, or catch good sales like the cheaper stores. Even tho are small gifts they are given with much love. Maxie Anderson

  14. This sounds like a really good idea, and I think I might be using it for the holidays this year! Thanks!

  15. I love this idea. I do have hard to shop for people in my family so I will be using this.

  16. Paula -Growing Up Bilingual says:

    This sounds like a great option to make gift giving easier.

  17. A really cool idea. I wish I could use it in my country with my relatives. Less stress all around

  18. Mary Preston says:

    I’m all for anything that makes things easier.

  19. That’s a neat and practical way to do some Christmas shopping. It simplifies the process and is in one convient location!

  20. Thanks for posting and sharing.A really great help.

  21. This is a really awesome idea! Most of the time I have no idea what to get my sister and end up getting her a gift card EVERY year! lol This is something I will defiantly give a try! This might make things easier and she might end up with an actual present this year! lol Thanks!

  22. The hardest person to shop for at Christmas time is myself and my father in law. No one likes to pick out gifts for me without my help, though I am getting better about being nicer and not complaining. I understand not everyone had the ability to just know what others want or to remember that in January they said they wanted this or that. I am a stay at home mom so I don’t have to fill my head with thoughts of work. =) Plus, everyone now knows I like fuzzy socks. LoL

    Thank you for the reverse wishlist. I hope it works out for you.


  23. An interesting idea, definitely looking into it but I’m not good at buying things for people who continue to dislike my gifts. Hope things work out and thanks for sharing! :)

  24. Beatrice Lawson says:

    This sounds brilliant. I hope that it works for Canada too because I have a few hard to shop for people on my list!

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