Fanny Foozle App for Preschoolers

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I received no compensation for this Fanny Foozle App for Preschoolers review. All opinions are my own.

Fanny Foozle is pink and lives in the town of Flamboozle with her Foodle Dog Sam. Her best friends Fenelope and Dumple help whenever they can. Her Momma and Poppa always have some advice. Mayor Funkel does many funny things like fumbling on the Flamboozle skating ice. Everyday is a fantastic adventure, a folly and a big surprise.

Fanny Foozle App for Preschoolers

Fanny Foozle App

Fanny Foozle is a cute little reading app that can be downloaded for free on a variety of mobile devices. I have an android phone and android tablet, but chose to download it on my phone to see how it worked on the smaller screen. The smaller screen is harder to work with when reading is involved, but this app worked well all things considered and the smaller text isn’t always a problem in this scenario.

Fanny Foozle App for Preschoolers

The app appeared to be a fun way to encourage kids to read. It consists of one story, “The Four Lead Fantuckle Festival”, but has two different options of how to proceed with the book. You can choose to read the book on your own, or you can have the book read to you and follow along. My son is two and not able to read yet, but he enjoyed having the book read out loud by the phone to him.

Fanny Foozle App for Preschoolers

If you are looking for a quick story download for you kid, this app is for you. The story is a little silly and fun, but that is sometimes just what you need. I thought the app and story were cute and a quick solution for entertaining my son – especially in public. I definitely suggest checking it out yourself!

You can download the Fanny Foozle app for free on Google Play and iTunes. And for $1.99 you can download it on Amazon in the Kindle store!

Check out the Fanny Foozle theme song video below:

To learn more about this cute reading app, visit Fanny Foozle on WebsiteFacebookTwitter

Do your kids know who Fanny Foozle is?

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  1. Looks adorable! I bet my son and daughter would both love this app.

  2. This app looks like a fun way for children to learn. I will be downloading it for my grandchildren.

  3. Heather Johnson says:

    This sounds so cute and silly. I love when products make learning fun!

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