Fun Cards for Kids to Make this Valentine’s Day

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Making cards for Valentine’s Day can be a cute way to get your child into the spirit of giving, as Well as a great way to save money while making an impression with your child’s class. If you are looking for super simple, inexpensive ideas, check these out.

Fun Cards for Kids to make this Valentine's Day

Lollipop Card

Who doesn’t love lollipops? Buy a bag of suckers and wrap the tops in bright colored tissue paper. Tie it closed with a bright ribbon and glue to a piece of pink, red or white cardstock. You could even find some cardstock with hearts on it to make it pop even more. Have your child write “To: the name of the recipient” and “From: child’s name” at the bottom and any personalized messages he or she may have for the person getting the card.

It’s a Sweet Jungle Out There

A cute way for your child to include boys and girls into the Valentine’s Day giving is by making cards with jungle creatures on them, and placing bows or bow ties on the animals. You can buy foam pieces of cardboard cutout animals at any craft store. Have your child place the bow (also found at craft stores) on the head or at the neck of each animal and write the “to” and “from” info on the back. This is super simple, but will definitely look different form all other cards given out.

Candy Land

This may seem like a huge undertaking, but it’s actually quite simple. Buy a tri-fold project board and help your child place cut-out letters at the top that say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Ask the teacher for a picture of each child, or even have each child draw a picture of themselves.

Then, make a scene on the whole board depicting people (use the pictures of people) in the class having a picnic, hanging out at the beach, playing in the snow, or any other number of things.

You can draw these, have your child draw them, or cut them out from pictures online or from pieces bought at a craft store. Then, place candy with each child’s picture and when your child brings the board to class, each child can take their candy. The teacher can then keep the board as a gift.

Tea Time

This one may be harder to do just because of finding the pieces, but if you can find plastic teacups, fill them with candy and attach a small piece of cardboard or cardstock cut out like a teabag and depicting the child’s name. If you can’t find actual toy teacups, you can always print some from your computer, have your child color them and decorate them, glue them to cardstock, do the teabag tag from regular paper and attached with sewing thread, and then place candy on the card.

Mustaches and Bows

This is a popular theme for many things these days, but making it for a V-Day card is really fun and simple. Buy blank cards and have your child glue paper mustaches or bows (printed from your computer) on the outside front. Inside, for guys, write “I must-ache you to have a great day!” and for girls write “I bow you will love today!”

Which is your favorite?

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  1. The Candy Land idea is a wonderful idea! Very creative!

  2. These are all great ideas! My favorite is the Lollipop Cards!

  3. Livivua Chandler says:

    awesome, these would be good for day of crafting with my daughters class

  4. tanya holland says:

    I love all of these ideas. I already decided to make Valentine’s for my daughter’s class this year.

  5. Todd Lovessweeps says:

    The mustache idea is great

  6. Kathy Down says:

    These are very creative Valentine’s day cards – my granddaughters love making crafts, will make the lollipop cards with them tomorrow.

  7. These are great ideas to keep the kids busy when they visit this weekend. My favorite is Candy Land. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Holly Wright says:

    What fun and cute ideas for Valentine’s Day cards. Especially the candy land card would be fun!

  9. Becky Wallace says:

    Love the lollipop cards :)

  10. Love the lollipop cards! They are so cute!

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