The Benefits of Meal Planning

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Meal planning is touted as a “must-do” by every savvy shopper and nutrition guru on the planet, it seems, but if you have never meal planned before you may not understand what all the fuss is about. Meal planning can have many benefits to you, your life, your health, and even your family. Check out these wonderful benefits to meal planning and start making your life easier with it today.

The Benefits of Meal Planning

Health Benefits

Meal planning has many health benefits. It can help you decide what you will eat, what you can’t eat, and what you should eat. It will also help you stick to any diets you may want to try or any nutrition plans your healthcare provider sets up for you. Meal planning can also include when you eat, which will help with any medications you may need to take or helps with keeping your metabolism boosted for losing weight.

Money-saving benefits

Meal planning also has money saving benefits. When you plan your meals in advance, you know what to buy and how much of it to buy. This means you don’t buy things you don’t need. Plus, when you meal plan you make sure you use the foods you buy, instead of letting them go to waste. This will ensure you save hundreds of dollars a year in un-wasted food. You also save money by planning what to take with you to work and to send with kids to school, so you aren’t buying fast food every day.

Time-saving benefits

Meal planning saves you time, especially at night. If you know you’re cooking chicken for dinner, you can have it thawing in the fridge all day so it is ready to cook when you get home, saving time on the thawing and cooking process. You can prep all foods this way. Plus, when you know what you’re cooking ahead of time you don’t waste time trying to figure it out when you get home. It also saves time when you prep food for the next day, pack lunches, and when you make a shopping list go grocery shopping for items you need. You’ll know what foods you’re making, ensuring you can make a list quickly. Stress-relieving benefits

It’s pretty much a given- when you know what you’re spending, buying, making, and doing, you won’t have as much stress about your meals! You know you can stay within a budget, you know you will make meals everyone enjoys, you know you will save time, and you know what you’re eating is healthy for you. Doesn’t that help ease your mind a bit?

Family-bonding benefits

When you spend less time stressing over meals and bills, you can have more time to enjoy with your family. And when they spend less time griping about the meals, they will be more likely to enjoy them with you. It’s a win-win no matter which way you view it. Additionally, you can include the family in the meal planning process, which will make them feel involved.

Ready to start meal planning, but don’t know how to get started? Kelly from The Nourishing Home FREE Video Course: Mastering Meal Planning is the perfect tool to help you get started!

Does your family meal plan? Do you have a specific plan for each day? Let us know in the comments!

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About Catherine

Catherine is a self-proclaimed "organization junkie" living in Los Angeles. She blogs about family, entertainment, food and anything else that pops into her mind.


  1. Thanks so much for your kind shout-out on my free meal planning video! You are so kind! I couldn’t agree with you more! Meal planning truly saves you time, money and stress in the kitchen. And makes putting a healthy meal on the table so much easier! Blessings, Kelly

    • Cuzinlogic says:

      Kelly, you are very welcome! I love your blog, so I wanted to share it with our readers who might not be familiar with it. Plus your meal planning video and information rocks!

  2. Yes I’m a big fan of meal planning! I find my recipes on Sundays, making sure they’re varied enough. Then write their ingredients on my shopping list and buy them on Sundays. I try to cook the meals with the most perishable items first and leave the least perishable for last.

  3. We eat out way too much and have been working on meal planning so that we are healthier. It has made a huge difference!

  4. This was a great post. I am an avid meal planner. It makes life so much easier. I am not scrambling at the last minute trying to come up with something for dinner. I also feel that I have had less food wastage…especially produce!

  5. I tend to waste way too many fresh foods when I don’t meal plan. Plus, I don’t eat as healthy either. I need to remember this so i can stick with it!

  6. I am always so less stressed out about dinner on the weeks I have a meal plan.

  7. Meal planning is a great way for sure to save money! I agree!! Sometimes I plan and other times I don’t

  8. I notice such a difference in how we eat when I actually meal plan. I tend to buy less processed food and I spend less money.

  9. I know you are so right in all of these things! I just have a hard time actually sticking to the meal plan because I never want to cook at the end of the day. LOL!

  10. I do try to meal plan but I’m not always successful. I really do need to be more on top of that.

  11. Meal Planning is a lifesaver for us, helps us stay on budget and eat everything we have in the house and that’s on sale.. Love it.. what a great post, thanks for sharing

  12. I really need to start meal planning! I know it is better financially and for eating better. Thank you for re-motivating me!

  13. I sooo need to start doing this. We have been spending way too much at the grocery store lately!!

  14. we try to meal plan. it’s gotten harder lately since my 8 year old no longer eats meat (5 weeks now) and I have to work around that.

  15. I couldn’t agree more with you. I regularly meal plan and I find it a huge stress-reliever.

  16. Meal planning and the prep that goes with it saves so much money.

  17. We always eat healthier and save money when we plan our meals for sure!

  18. I should do it, but I don’t. I start out with good intentions, but the leftovers always throw me off!

  19. I think it’s a sanity saver, too. When dinner rolls around and little ones are at your feet asking what’s for dinner it’s your escape route!

  20. We have been meal planning since the beginning of the year. It is amazing how much money we have saved and how much more we enjoy our food.

  21. We try to meal plan every week to have healthy meals. :) I do need to it more meticulously.

  22. I love meal planning. It really helps with weeknight meals especially!

  23. I am so bad about this. I really should plan my meals better, but welll…I’ll add it to the list. SIGH…

  24. I wish I was better at Meal Planning. I try to think of what I am going to cook a week in advance and then will decide on new recipes as I go.

  25. Katy Rawson says:

    You make such good points. I always have the best intentions of planning our meals and it never happens. If nothing else it would certainly make our life easier!

  26. I’ve been working really hard with meal planning. I have been unsuccessfull, maybe I need to check out this website

  27. I have to make a meal plan or else I spend way too much money

  28. I love meal planning- so much easier than trying to decide what to have at 5:00 once those little tummies start growling!

  29. Mary Brandis says:

    I have been meal planning for years. First I look at what’s on sale at the grocery store. I make a decision on what to make for the entire week and go shopping for that week’s meals. We always have a vegetable or salad included in dinner. I find meal planning easier, less running back to the grocery store, saving money and making healthy food.

  30. I never really considered how it helps you keep to your diet.

  31. Christina H says:

    I try to meal plan and I usually stick with it for a week but then get off track until I’m reminded to try it again. It really does help though with time and money management.

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