FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014 Review + $10 Off Coupon Code

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Monthly shipment boxes are the new craze. Make-up boxes, baby supply boxes, geeky memorabilia boxes – there are so many options to pick from involving so many different products. I’ve tried a fair few of them out myself, but I think the FabFitFun VIP box may be my new favorite box of those I’ve been able to sample. FabFitFun gave me the awesome opportunity to try out their Summer box for review purposes and I’m really loving it.

FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014 Review

Just like any of these shipments, there is a fee per box sent out. The FabFitFun boxes are only quarterly, not monthly, but they work in the same manner. These boxes cost a little more than others out there, but I think the products included are well worth it. The boxes are $49.99 each and in the summer box one product was worth almost $100 by itself! The summer box totaled out to approximately $225 in product value. That is over 4 times the amount paid.

FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014 Review

FabFitFun VIP Box

Moving on from the actual value, the products included were really great. A variety of items were offered and personally I felt they met the needs of a diverse group of people. It definitely gave me the option to try out things I might not have on my own and may have inspired me to start picking up some of these items regularly. I’m also considering subscribing for the box on my own because I love the variety.

FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014 Review

FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014 Review

The items I received ranged from skin care and hair care products to healthy snack foods to a super cute handbag. I didn’t love every item in the box, but that’s OK! Part of the enjoyment is trying something new without too much risk.

There are limited quantities of each quarter box, so if you’re interested in ordering make sure you don’t miss your chance! Please know that if you make a purchase using a link on this page, I may earn a credit towards a fall box. Thank you.

Even more awesome, use code cassandra10 to get $10 off your first box. That makes the box only $39.99 and you could be potentially getting product worth 5 times that! If you are interested in subscribing or would like to learn more, check out the FabFitFun website.

Did you get the Summer FabFitFun VIP box? What did you think about it?

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Cassie is a stay at home mom and college student. She spends her spare time reading books and doing crafts. Her favorite books are anything fiction, but especially scifi books.


  1. Karen Glatt says:

    I would like to get this once in awhile, and there is a lot of wonderful products in this box. I like everything in your box. The Popchips are delicious.

  2. That looks pretty cool! Kind of a hodgepodge of stuff, but I like everything I see in the summer box!

  3. paula schuck says:

    I love the ideas here. These are always fun to get in the mail – like a little present each month to yourself!

  4. that’s a lot of nice stuff in that box! I just cancelled Glossybox, and I just didn’t have the time to wear all of the creams and stuff!

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