Fun Summer Trip Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Are you looking forward to taking some time off this summer, just unwinding and relaxing? Most people are! But what if you’re trying to save money? With a little bit of planning you can still have a fun and affordable last minute summer vacation. Pick a date, stash a little cash away, and try one of these fun summer trip ideas below.

Fun Summer Trip Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


Indulge in a staycation. This is where you stay home and do something fun. There are dozens of ideas and different theories on what a true “staycation” entails, so you can always find something that suits your taste. Try a local bed and breakfast, spend a day out on the local scene, or just have a spa day at home. These are all fun and save more money than a real vacation would.

Go on a cruise

Cruises are cheaper than you might think, and there are some that are all-inclusive, so you only spend one price and you’re done. This means your meals, lodging and entertainment are all paid for up-front. Talk about a stress reliever!

Mix business and pleasure

Do you have a business trip coming up? Extend it and have your friends, family, or spouse come long. Your travel is already paid for, so you can attend the business aspect while they relax poolside or explore the city. Then, you can join them later for fun.

Go out in the middle of the week

Instead of a weekend vacation, try to take three days off during the week and have a vacation Tuesday-Thursday. Prices are cheaper, there are less people, and you can find some great deals to make your stay worthwhile. You can plan a few days, or you can just do a day in the middle of the week that works for you.

Go camping

You don’t have to spend much to get back to nature. Most lakes and parks have campgrounds where you can rent an inexpensive space, pitch a tent, unplug, and unwind for the weekend. You can go for just a day and sit out by the lake, or make a few days of it.

Tour your town for the day

This is generally a staycation option, but you can up it and stay away from home for the night. Don’t go to the typical tourist zones, though – get out and find the “road less traveled” to make this option really special for you and your family. Visit local travel and tourism websites to find things to do in the area.

Have some fun summer day trip ideas that don’t cost a fortune? Tell us about them in the comments!

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  1. Cynthia C says:

    These are nice ideas. When my kids were small I used to find places near by to go to. We picked blueberries at a farm, visited local historical sites and went on short drives to museums.

  2. These are good ideas.

  3. Karen Glatt says:

    We like to go camping because we like to get out in the country and stay by a Lake and go swimming. It is so much fun! I also like the going out in the middle of the week!

  4. Nicole Dz says:

    When on a budget we usually gather some stuff up like fill the cooler, get some chairs, and other supplies needed for a day at the lake and just enjoy the weather and water.

  5. Laurie Nykaza says:

    These are wonderful ideas to have some fun and save some cash as well. My family loves to do things together will have to use these tips next time we travel.

  6. Karen Ev says:

    Camping was one of our favorite activities when my kids were younger.

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