Showstoppers by Helen Smith Book Review

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This review of Showstoppers is made possible by a review copy provided at no charge.

Showstoppers Author Helen Smith


First of all, so there are no surprises, you should know that this is a very short book. On my e-reader, it was only 39 pages. So if you are looking for a quick read, then you are in luck!

Fortunately, the book is pretty entertaining, and I did laugh out loud a couple of times. I feel like the author has a really good grasp on explaining how being in certain situations really feels, and that made it nice to read.

The main character is a girl named Emily, who is bored of working at temp agency jobs, and agrees to come work for her neighbor, Victoria, at her performing arts school. This is after Emily delivers Victoria a threatening letter that was mistakenly delivered to the wrong house. The story follows the two women as they try to figure out who sent the letter and why, all the while attempting to put on an end of the school year performance at the school, named Showstoppers. The action happens fairly quickly, and the ending surprised even me, and I’ve read more mystery novels than I could even remember.

Overall, I think this book was OK. I would have liked to have seen some scenes spaced out better, and some of the action took place off page, so it got a little confusing in places. But for a quick, pleasant read, and a lot of mystery, Showstoppers is a good pick.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Hearts (Book Ratings Guide)

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About the Book:
When twenty-six-year-old Emily Castles helps out at a local stage school in London, she’s soon mixed up in murder. She teams up with eccentric philosophy professor Dr. Muriel to solve the case.

  • Series: Emily Castles Short Mysteries
  • Title: Showstoppers
  • Author: Helen Smith
  • eBook: 39 pages
  • Publisher: Tyger Books

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I received a complimentary copy of Showstoppers in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    wow it is a short book. sounds like its good though

  2. Dianna Thomas says:

    It sounds like one I would be putting in my purse to read at the doctors since it takes for ever there–interesting so far how its put together– have to see if I can find it . I love ones that make me giggle here there–thanks

  3. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I love short books about mystery. I can read it while on lunch break.

  4. It’s good to learn that you can still find time to read on a busy schedule with short books out there.

  5. Sounds interesting, I may have to check it out and get it for my Kindle and give it a go, I usually only read books in the Christian genre.

  6. Karen Glatt says:

    This sounds like a really fast book with a lot of intrigue and the characters are interesting. I will have to give this book a try. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This sounds like the perfect book to read when I have an extra hour in the day. I love mysteries and a good laugh couldn’t hurt!

  8. Laura Jabri says:

    Thank you, I love mystery storys. I will be in holiday and I need a good book.

  9. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I love a good mystery when I have time to read.Thanks for sharing!

  10. I don’t travel well in the car. Even on a short trip, I get antsy. This would be a good distraction. A quick read.

  11. This would be great for an airplane book or for a trip. Thank you for your review.

  12. Julie Wood says:

    I like murder mystery books and I would probably read this so fast. I like books that are not that long to read. I would love to get this e-book and read it!

  13. This sounds like a great book!

  14. ellen beck says:

    Sounds decent bit I have always felt oof a ‘book’ is that short, it should either be part of a collection of stories or I woont even consider it. It is likely a decent ;book; but I hope it was free.

  15. This sounds pretty good. I used to read daily. The internet now takes up so much of my time. It’s pathetic! I need to get back to reading, while paper books are still available.

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