4 Easy Gifts Kids Can Make for Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day is almost here! So, what do you get for the people who have given you everything and spoil your little ones, too? Time, love, and effort go a long way to spoil the people who have given you so much through the years. Check out these super easy DIY gifts for grandparents that will show them that you care.

4 Easy Gifts Kids Can Make for Grandparents Day


Make a scrapbook for the grandparents in your life to share with them what has been going on in your life over the past year. If your grandparents are like most, they probably ask why you don’t visit them much. Show them what kept you so occupied by printing out picture of your various activities and events that they weren’t able to make it to. This will give them a keepsake and will make them feel like they were there.

4 Easy Gifts Kids Can Make for Grandparents Day

Personalized picture frames

Make the grandparents a personalized picture frame, and then place it in the basket with a picture of them with the whole family, a gift certificate to a local photographer, and the scrapbook. This will let them display pictures of their loved ones instead of keeping them closed up in the book.

4 Easy Gifts Kids Can Make for Grandparents Day

Hand print art

Our little ones are only so little for a short time so preserve their tiny hand prints in artwork for your grandparents to have with them and to remember. Paint your children’s hands and stamp their prints onto a piece of tile that can be placed in a stand for display, or put them on paper and frame them in an ornate frame. If you have something with your hand prints from when you were small, you can add that to the art work.

Christmas ornament

It doesn’t matter how much they have, a new Christmas ornament- especially one that was made for them or personalized for them, is the perfect way to make your grandparents feel special and it will bring a smile to their face anytime they hang it on their tree. There are hundreds of ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments, or have one engraved with their names and wedding date. If they have one like that, cast your kids’ hand prints in clay and paint them. Then, place a hook or some ribbon through the ornament so that they can hang it on the tree.

National Grandparents Day is celebrated in September, on the first Sunday following Labor Day.

How does your family celebrate Grandparents Day?

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  1. I especially love the hand print art idea. We have a Christmas ornament with my dogs’ paw prints and it always makes me smile when it’s time to put it up on the tree.

  2. Sarah Oswald says:

    I love the handprint hanging I would love to make this for grandparents day Thanks for sharing this wonderful art project. I love doing anything artsy with the kids and they love when they see what they have made.

  3. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a bunch of great gifts these would make. I have some great artwork on my door (where I hang my grandchildrens art work) that I look at everyday and love it.

  4. Alberta Gentleman says:

    I love the handprints. They look so real.

  5. Sarah Hayes says:

    these are great ideas. I want to make something really special for grandparents day this yr. i really like crafts with handprints so you can look back and remember how small the kids once were. very sweet!

  6. These are really cute crafts for children to make for their grandparents. I don’t celebrate this day for reasons I don’t want to go into. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I love the hand prints. My mom still has the hand prints from when I was little. Still goes up on our Christmas tree too, nearly 40 years later :)

  8. I love the ornament idea. Christmas is the one time of year our whole family is together.

  9. Amy Heffernan says:

    What a really great idea. I love the handprint. I think my lil guys nanna would adore something like this!

  10. Alberta Gentleman says:

    I love the gifts kids can make. Especially the hand prints.

  11. Those are some great ideas for gifts for grandparents. Besides a phone call, we don’t do anything else.

  12. I am a grandparent and i would cherish any of these gifts. I love homemade and thoughtful gifts.

  13. jackie smith says:

    I would cherish any of these gifts. I love homemade items and how thoughtful and unique each one is.

  14. Rebecca HM. says:

    I really like the hand prints, and the picture frame. I bookmarked this so that I could make these with my kids, I know all the grandparents will be delighted. Thank you for the ideas.

  15. Christine L says:

    I wish I had kids to make these with

  16. I love the picture frames. They’re such nice gifts.

  17. Great ideas:)

  18. I’d love for my grandsons to make special gifts like these for me! How nice!

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