Making a Choice in Long Term Care for Seniors

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This post on making a choice in long term care for seniors is sponsored by Global Influence.

Making a choice in long term care for seniors that have age related diseases and ill health is hard. I know as I had the experience of helping my husband in making a choice for his auntie. One thing for certain, and that is, that it is never easy! Plus you have to make sure that you include the person going into the facility in the decision making. After all they will be living there not you!

Choosing an assisted care facility for a parent or loved one is a difficult choice. I know as I had to help my husband and his auntie decide which nursing facility to choose. We did not make the decision lightly as we toured several nursing care facilities in our local vicinity. Each of these facilities had their own pricing, programs, services and amenities.

I think that more important than the cost of each facility is the type of care that they provide. I know that when the time comes for me to choose an assisted care living facility for my parents, I will make sure that I evaluate each of these facilities like we did with my husbands auntie to ensure that they provide quality care.

I know that the one that the one that we chose for my husbands auntie was a facility that best suited her needs. They offer various types of support, which are emotional, physical, as well as medical. They also have a full calendar of educational, social and cultural events and entertainment opportunities available seven days a week through their senior living programs. My husbands auntie really enjoys the craft and bingo group.

The cost of this assisted living facility was also within my husbands auntie budget which was a big plus!

Making a Choice in Long Term Care for Seniors

If you need to come to a decision about long term care for a loved one, knowing answers to any questions that you may have is important. This information on care options at the Care Conversations website can be helpful. You may also want to view this informative video on care options.

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  1. ellen beck says:

    Not only the type of care, but also look for one that has an ‘open door’ policy meaning family can visit at any time. It shows tranparency and that the care is good 24 hours a daay just not prime time for visitors.
    Great article you touched on great points.

  2. Michelle G. says:

    Having worked in Nursing homes for over 20yrs now I know what to look for, & where to look for it! My mom is a nursing home administrator so all the little tips & tricks to find accurate information that the state posts about certain facilities, state surveys or inspections, and a simple word of mouth can do wonders!! The old saying, “BE NICE TO YOUR KIDS, AFTERALL, THEY PICK YOUR NURSING HOME”, Is one of the hardest choices families will ever have to make!!!

  3. Kelly Nicholson says:

    its getting to be that time with my parents…thanks for the advice

  4. Maria Iemma says:

    I am going to have to be making this decision soon as my mother gets older and more frail. Thank you for the information.

  5. Karen Hand says:

    Thank you for the valuable information. I think the hardest part of finding a facility for an aged person is the emotional strain itself. Unfortunately, many times due to health reasons, these facilities are a necessity.

  6. Julie Wood says:

    Very good information for knowing where to pick for a Senior relative. I believe my Dad needs to be in a Assisted living facility because he is having a harder time taking care of himself. Thanks for the information.

  7. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I have not had to do this, but as long as anyone of my family members need a place they will stay with me, I would rather have some help come here than put them into a home..

  8. Sarah Matos says:

    No one ever wants to worry about long term care but its better to be prepared then not.

  9. Bertha Wilson says:

    My mother had a stroke when she was 80 years old. Our family had to choose a nursing facility near our home for her care. The facility allowed me and three of my sisters to stay around the clock with our mother. Our mother took such good care of us as children and we intended to do the same for her. Most nursing homes are understaffed and they can’t give the care needed to their residences. Thank-God that we were able to stay with our mother until she went to be with the Lord.

  10. This is definitely one of the hard decisions. I think it is great if you can talk ahead with elderly parents to see what they want.

  11. I work with seniors and there is nothing sadder when family doesn’t make visiting them a priority. I have noticed the ones who get regular visits from their family tend to be happier and live longer. Your article was great!

  12. Nena Sinclair says:

    This is something I can totally relate to! My Mom actually made the decision herself to go into an assisted living place and she choose which one, too, which made it a lot easier on us. She’s been there almost 2 years now and for the most part, it’s been pretty good. The only thing I can suggest, though, is that you talk to some of the residents who actually live there prior to making your decision. There were a lot of things promised in the brochure that weren’t true.

  13. Sherry Jennings says:

    This is the most hard decisions to ever make. I think it would be great if they would allow timely visits but with family and extended family like churches. My grandmother is bed ridden and for a while they had her in a facility and they weren’t up to where most places like this has ever been.

  14. April Farley says:

    I am so sorry to read that your family had to make this tough call. So many with aging family members are faced with the arduous task of making the decision of where to turn when the time comes. I am SO THANKFUL that I was able to take my Grandmother into my home and provide her care when the time came. I have worked in the medical field for most of my life. So I am not a stranger to the ins & outs of patient care. For myself I could not turn her over to a home. Their are so many families that do not have the ability to do what I was able to do. The most important thing is , as you stated, involving the patient with the process. Let them help make the decision as to where they will be placed.

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