My Friend Cayla – The World’s First Fully Interactive Doll

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Since 2013 Genisis Toys has operated under the the simple mission to entertain children around the world and become a memorable part of their childhood. Genisis has since reached out to other like-minded individuals to establish itself as a leading designer, developer and marketer of innovative hi-tech children’s entertainment products. With a mission that heartfelt and geared soley towards making your child’s childhood memories stand out among the rest, why would you ever take your entertainment needs anywhere else?

My Friend Cayla - The World's First Fully Interactive Doll

I was recently given the opportunity to work with Genisis Toys to review their products on our blog and to share my nieces experience with our readers. For our review we were sent their all new award-winning doll, My Friend Cayla, which was released in 2014. Now that the holidays are fast approaching once again, My Friend Cayla is the gift to give, whether it’s at Christmas time, for a birthday or a just-because gift from Grandma.

My Friend Cayla - The World's First Fully Interactive Doll

Cayla is the interactive doll that your young lady won’t want to put down. Cayla is able to interact and talk to your child, play games, share photos and read stories; she’s your child’s new best friend! Complete with a plethora of fun capabilities, some noteworthy facts about Cayla include:

  • Bluetooth Capable. Download Cayla’s app from the app store and connect with Bluetooth up to 100 feet away from your doll.
  • The My Friend Cayla app is available for download on both the Apple and Android systems and can be downloaded using either your tablet or phone. You can maximize your child’s fun by installing Cayla’s app on both!
  • Cayla is super easy to set up, straight out of the box. You can find a helpful tutorial on Cayla’s website. It’s a cinch, even your child can do it (while using the internet with permission from their parents of course!)
  • Cayla is capable of speaking several different languages so your child is learning while they play.
  • Protected by a kid-safety proprietary software named Violet, the My Friend Cayla app protects your child from any offensive or sensitive words or images. It also allows parents to add additional words or phrases that they want to prevent their children from hearing.

My niece has been having fun interacting with Cayla this summer! She enjoys asking Cayla questions and hearing her response. However, Cayla’s responses to questions are not always correct. For example, when my nice asked Cayla what her name was she told her she was named after her grandmother, but when my niece asked what her grandmothers name was she said Henrietta. Not a big deal, but my niece thought it was pretty funny.

My Friend Cayla - The World's First Fully Interactive Doll

My niece also enjoys playing games with Cayla. She just wishes that there were more options than memory and tic-tac-toe. Right now she’s really into playing the memory game, so playing with Cayla gives the rest of us a break from having to play.

Overall, we are very impressed with Cayla. She works well most of the time, speaks different languages and most of the clothes that my niece already owns for 18-inch dolls, fit Cayla perfectly.

My Friend Cayla has kept my niece engaged for hours and has provided her with lots of entertainment as an interactive doll as well as a regular doll. I love that she has the best of both worlds with this doll.

My Friend Cayla - The World's First Fully Interactive Doll

My Friend Cayla is the most ideal doll on the market today. Your child will enjoy hours of fun playing with Cayla, asking her questions (that she answers) and telling fun stories. With the My Friend Cayla doll, you know you’ve invested in a toy worth having and that will promote the healthy play time you want for your child.

You can connect with Cayla on Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Youtube and never miss an update!

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