6 Ideas for Halloween Puppet Play

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If your kids are anything like my nieces, nephews and godkids, they can’t resist trying to play with the Halloween decorations! They love the little figurines and decorative haunted houses! This year I thought that instead of having a daily decor battle we could make some fun Halloween projects that they can play with after creating! I found 6 Ideas for Halloween Puppet Play that I can’t wait to try with my nieces, nephews and godkids and I have a feeling you are going to love a few of these ideas too for hands on play this Halloween.

6 Ideas for Halloween Puppet Play

Ideas for Halloween Puppet Play

Halloween Paper Bag Puppets from Crafts by Amanda will have little ones excited about turning plain brown paper bags into Dracula, a Jack O’Lantern, a black cat, Frankenstein and many more fun characters!

Silly Monster Puppets from A Little Pinch of Perfect will have kids exploring their creative sides when it comes to imaginary play.

Finger Puppet Monsters from The Life of Jennifer Dawn are a great craft to make for monster storytelling and finger play at a Halloween themed kids party.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Puppet from Lalymom is a terrific way to introduce your little one to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. This is also the perfect rainy day activity.

The DIY Monster Sock Puppet is a super adorable no sew craft that even the craft-challenged can make. Even better, it is easy to make out of things that you probably already have at home.

This Haunted House Puppet Theater  from Mini Monets and Mommies is perfect for kids who love all things pretend play, especially when the most spooktacular time of the year comes around.

I think we will make Halloween Paper Puppets first and as the season continues we will wrap it up with the Haunted House Puppet Theater. Which of these ideas do you think your kids will enjoy the most? If you have a favorite Halloween puppet idea please tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter!

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