Game Day After Party Cleaning Routine

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One of my favorite things to do every year is to have a party for the Big Game! And while The Cowboys didn’t make it this year, I do appreciate a good party so my husband and I will be reppin America’s favorite team! I love to have people over to celebrate our favorite teams. Don’t you? It’s a great time to spend with friends and family. However, I’m usually left with a huge mess to clean up. Many people offer to stay and help clean up, but I have my own after party cleaning routine down. There’s a ritual I go through every year after the Big Game and it’s actually something I enjoy doing. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G.

ame Day After Party Cleaning Routine

Simplify Your After Party Cleaning Routine Post-Game

Game Day After Party Cleaning Routine

Cleaning Up Spills

Of course after a Big Game party, there are a few spills here and there. I use Bounty Select-A-Size for my big and messy clean ups. It quickly absorbs those messes, so I’m not stuck cleaning all night. I love the different prints they come in as well. Cleaning up spills is a breeze thanks to Bounty.

Tackle the Laundry

It’s amazing how much laundry there is to do after the Big Game. From washing table cloths to washing anything else that has gotten messy, I use Tide PODS Spring Meadow, these little pods are lifesavers when it comes to targeting tough stains that are specially formulated with HE Turbo technology. It also works well in HE machines!

Game Day After Party Cleaning Routine

Restock the Toilet Paper

I’m not sure what it is about the Big Game, but everyone goes through my toilet paper like there’s no tomorrow. I restock right away, with Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls and I always use the 12-pack. This is some seriously strong toilet paper and it’s safe for our septic.

Febreze My House

I’m not kidding, there’s something about the Big Game that makes my house smell like a dirty dog. I use Febreze Air Effects Linen & Sky to make sure it gets back to smelling good. I love that it eliminates the odors in my post-game home, instead of covering them up.

Game Day After Party Cleaning Routine

Head to Walmart

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hosting so many post-game parties, it is to
head to Walmart for everything you need to keep your #GameDayTraditions going.

Big Game Day After Party Cleaning Routine Tips

The best way to avoid a lengthy clean up after the big game is to be prepared before the party starts. Make sure you have the home care products mentioned above and follow these easy tips before, during and after the party.

  • Stock up on inexpensive containers to give guest leftovers at the end of the night.
  • Make sure you have enough coasters available for guest.
  • Designate an area to keep food and drinks.
  • Leave a garbage can and recycling bin in an obvious place for guest throw trash away.
  • Keep plenty of paper towels handy to clean up spills and messes as they happen.
  • Clean up the party immediately after the party ends.
  • Throw after party trash away.
  • Package leftover so that you can turn them into easy lunches and dinners.
  • Wash dishes and other party items.
  • Check your game day Jerseys and or T-shirts for stains. Pretreat any stains and wash them.
  • Clean and polish tables and other furniture.
  • Reorganize furniture in the rooms.
  • Check couch and chair cushions for dropped food and stains.
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop all floors.

What are some of your Game Day traditions? Do you have any post-game clean up tips?

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