11 Inexpensive Winter Date Night Ideas That Are Actually Fun

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I think that date night is extremely important in any type of relationship but in the winter that can be a bit more difficult due to the cold and inclement weather. Sometimes you just want to stay inside curled up in a blanket by the fireplace to stay nice and warm. Well, I am going to be sharing with you 11 Inexpensive Winter Date Night Ideas that will definitely make you want to get out and have a great time and I will also be including some date night ideas that involve you just staying inside with your loved one, in case you are snowed in or maybe you just want to stay inside! Who says you can’t stay in and still have an amazing date night?!

11 Inexpensive Winter Date Night Ideas That Are Actually Fun

11 Inexpensive Winter Date Night Ideas

1. Romantic Date Night in for Two – Invite your special someone on a dinner date without leaving the comfort of your home. Surprise them with a specially made dinner prepared by you, or cook a meal together. Be sure to chose a meal that is simple and quick to prepare so that you don’t spend the whole night in the kitchen. Then lay down pillows and a blanket in an area with enough space for you to enjoy your meal with a bottle of wine. If you have a fireplace it makes an excellent focal point for a cozy, romantic night in.

2. Ice Skating – Ice skating is a great thing to do in the Winter for a couple. Find a local ice skating rink and try it out for yourselves. Ice skating gives you the opportunity to spend time together and you can hold hands as you skate together. Not to mention it makes for some pretty good laughs if you’re not pro skaters and you fall a decent amount! LOL

3. See a Winter Show – There is usually always a ton of Winter shows that are an amazing experience to attend. I would highly recommend searching your local listings to find one that will interest you! Whether that be a Christmas Carol, ELF the Musical, or some other type of Christmas show!

4. Carriage Ride – I absolutely love this idea! Nothing is more romantic than an old fashioned horse drawn carriage ride. Riding through the city with your loved one just enjoying the snow falling, and the beautiful Christmas decorations all around you is a really amazing winter date and definitely a much! Just make sure that you bundle up to stay warm!

5. Take a Cooking Class – A great thing to do for the benefit of both of you is to take a cooking class together! This really gives you the opportunity to spend time together and work together as a team all while learning a new skill!

6. Build a Snowman – Who says building snowmen is for kids?! You can totally grab your loved one and get out into the snow and create your own character! I think building a snowman is fun for anyone and brings out the child in you!

7. Check out Winter Festivals – A lot of cities tend to have a lot of celebratory winter festivals during the holiday season! Be sure to check out around your city to see if there are some winter festivals that would interest you as a couple!

8. Volunteer – A great way to enjoy each other’s company all while giving back to those who are less fortunate! That’s right, I am talking about volunteering! You are able to volunteer at food drives, soup kitchens, or what ever type of place fits your needs!

9. Build a Gingerbread House – A great indoor activity is to build a gingerbread house! I always think this is so much fun to build a gingerbread house and it’s a really simple and easy way to just enjoy each other’s company while having a great time!

10. Game Night – Another really great indoor activity and this also really great date night idea for a group date! have a few of your friend couples over and you can all have fun together while having a great date night!

11. Drive Around to Look at Christmas Lights – This is probably one of my favorite things to do in the winter season because it is such a simple thing to do and it’s completely free! It’s so interesting to see how people differ in the decoration of their house. Some keep it simple with just a string of lights around the perimeter of their home, and some do it up really big with lights everyday, glowing lawn ornaments, and huge blow up characters. No matter how it is decorated, they are all beautiful and it’s definitely an amazing sight to see!

These dates are bound to create a ton of fun and have a really awesome time with the person that you love the most! Don’t let bad, cold, and nasty weather stop you from having an awesome time and spending quality time with your partner!

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