Simple Chore Rewards That Don’t Involve Money

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The idea behind chores for kids is that they do the chore and you pay them, but if you are having a hard time paying kids for chores or you just don’t like the idea of giving your kids money for helping out around the house, what do you do? There are still some great ideas that can make great chore rewards for your children, no matter their ages.

Simple Chore Rewards That Don't Involve Money

5 Simple Chore Rewards

No rewards
You don’t have to give your child any reward, honestly. You can teach your child that they’re part of the family and the entire family must pitch in to do chores. Once they realize that you expect them to pull their own weight, most kids are just fine with pitching in to be a part of the “team.” Just be sure that you let them know ahead of time that they won’t be getting rewards for their chores.


A great reward for kids is praise. Let them know they’ve done a great job and use specific words to praise them. You can even set up a chart that gives them stickers or praises them for the whole family and any visitors to see. It’s like putting their names up on a praise board at work and will keep them motivated to keep doing well.


Have kids complete chores before mealtimes. For example, before dinner your kids may be expected to set the table, feed the animals, and pick up all of their toys. They can eat dinner when the chores are completed, but not before. The same idea also goes for treats. If your child likes a certain snack you can offer them that a reward for completing their chore list. You can also offer them a pizza party with friends once a quarter if they complete all chores in that three month period.


Do your kids like screen time? Give it to them in increments based on the chores they complete. Hanging out with friends, sleepovers, sporting events, going to a movie or concert, or even getting to choose dinner one night are all privileges that can be offered to get your kids to help out around the house.


Do your kids like camping, skating, scavenger hunts, or just having out with the family? Plan adventures for the whole family to do and have kids work their way up to earning them by completing chores. It is a great way for the whole family to do something fun together while still convincing kids to complete their chore lists.

Does your family have a system in place for giving out chore rewards? Tell us about it on Twitter and Facebook!

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