Five Ways You Can Interact with Your Child from Birth

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Let’s step back and take a look at the role, that we as parents and caregivers take in shaping our children`s future. The first five years of a child`s life is when they learn cognitive skills that will help them to become motivated to reach for the stars. Here are 5 easy ways to interact with children from birth.

5 Ways to Interact with Children from Birth

An infant`s brain is a massive sponge and absorbs whatever messages that parents, caregivers, siblings, relatives, and others relay to them. These sights and sounds are what will nurture the child and help them to grow and flourish.

It is up to parents to play a positive role in the upbringing of an infant. Their brain development and learning abilities are developed during those first five years. You have the POWER to be a positive influence and start them down the road to a productive and fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, not all parents are capable of forming ideas on how to interact and communicate with their infant from the moment they are born. Parenting is much more than feeding and changing during those early months and years. Positive parenting means nurturing and love.

When a child is born, the neurons or wiring in their brain is not going to change. It is up to you to help these neurons connect with each other in a positive and uplifting matter. Activity and experience help these neurons to connect, and also form permanent connections. The neurons that are well connected grow stronger, and the weaker ones diminish and disappear. Positive influence, positive thoughts, a loving touch, and a loving voice will sure be a step in helping to create a yearning to learn and develop in a positive way.

As for the brain itself, it`s neurons are almost fully formulated by the age of five. In fact, it is 90% formed at this age. So it is important for parents to interact with their child and teach them important learning techniques while they are very young. This, of course, does not mean to hand your infant the latest in gadgets, gizmos, or toys. The first step is a loving and gentle voice, a soft touch, a cuddle, an embrace. A parent’s lulling voice can often soothe a crying child.

5 Ways to Interact with Children from Birth

Talk to them. To you, they may not understand the words but a soothing, loving voice will help to form a strong bond between parent and child. Secondly, the more that you talk to them, the more their spongy brain absorbs. Talk to them about your day, the weather, what you are making for dinner, read a book, or even sing! Their small brains are absorbed absolutely everything.

Stimulate them by playing. Have them on a blanket and place your face close to them. They will enjoy watching your mouth move and try to mimic you. Don`t worry, they will be making sounds before you know it.

Repetitive interaction is vital. Sing to them, read to them and talk to them on a regular basis. Remember that their brains are a sponge and the repetitions are good. It will help the positive neurons in their brains become stronger.

Learning does not begin in school. Learning begins at home and learning is strengthened once they begin school. Read to them, talk to them, and interact during story time. This will encourage a response from them and encourage learning.

Choose a educational toy based on their ages and developmental level. Educational toys are good, but they can also overstimulate the brain. Introduce them to an educational toy slowly. In other words, do not give them more than one to play with at a time. Make sure that this particular toy is given to them for long periods of time so they can actually learn the required skills.

Do you have any tips on ways to interact with children from birth? Tell us all about them on Facebook or Twitter.

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