How to Establish a Back to School Routine

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Don’t wait until the night before the new school year begins to get your children ready for the new year. Instead, establish a back to school routine. Start prepping them and yourself at least two weeks before the school bells set to ring so that you know you and your kids are ready to impress in the new school year.

How to Establish a Back to School Routine

Back to School Routine

Talk to Your Kids About School – Sometimes all it takes is a bit of talking and listening to have your kids ready for school. Talk to them about being able to see all of their old friends and make new ones. Tell them about the fun things the following year will hold for each of them, and ask them about the goals they have for that year. If there are any anxieties about starting a new school year, address them early on. The more your kids feel mentally prepared for school, the better off they will be.

Get Everyone Excited for School – It may seem impossible, but you can do this! Create a large calendar that counts down the days until summer is over. Each day, add an event to the calendar that you and the kids plan together to get them into the fun of back to school. Do this about two weeks ahead of time so they don’t lose interest and you don’t get too frustrated.

See If They Are Ready for School – There are many online sites that help you test your child’s academic skills. Take advantage of these and get your child up-to-date for school. Start addressing any weaknesses you see before school begins so that your child isn’t behind his or her peers and has the confidence to excel in school.

Set a Schedule – The old schedule bit – it’s an old tip, but it works and for good reason. Schools operate on a schedule and the more your kids start getting into the habit of sticking to one the better off they will be in class. Get them ready for school with a simple routine that wakes them up around the time they need to wake for school and keep them busy throughout the day with tasks.

Get the Kids Involved – Do your kids have ideas that will make back to school easier on everyone? Listen to them and take notes! They are a huge part of the routine, so ask them what will make it easier and start implementing those ideas early on. This will make them second nature by the time school begins again.

Don’t wait too long to set up and discuss your back to school routine with your family. The longer you wait to get everyone into the habit of a school schedule after summer vacation, the harder time everyone will have getting up on time.

Do you have a back to school routine in place before the new school year starts? Tell us all about it on Facebook or Twitter.

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