5 Fabulous Fall Date Ideas for Couples

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The change in seasons doesn’t mean you have to limit fall date ideas to indoor activities or the usual dinner and a movie. Fall is a perfect time to reconnect with your spouse or significant other if you feel the two of you need a little more romance. Hey, who couldn’t use some more date time with their partner, right? Check out these great ideas for the perfect Fall date with your significant other.

 Fabulous Fall Date Ideas for Couples

Fall Date Ideas for Couples

Go Exploring
Fall is a particularly beautiful time of year, especially if you go to the right places. You can see gorgeous colors on leaves, lots of friends and other people out and about, great decorations as everyone gears up for a new season and the holidays, and even outdoor events. Take your date on a walk through all of this scenery, hold their hand, and enjoy it all together.

TIP: Bring the camera for some amazing photos.

Coffee Shop Date
Fall is a wonderful time of year for trying out new foods and drinks, and more people flock to coffee shops than in other seasons. Take your spouse to a coffee shop and have a date over coffee and dessert instead of at dinner. It is unexpected and breaks up the monotony of your days, plus it is a fun way to reconnect. Prefer tea? Order tea instead of coffee, or find a local tea shop for a cozy tea date.

TIP: Buy fresh coffee to take home with you so that you can try new recipes at home. Tea lovers can pick up some tea ware and a variety of loose tea to go.

Fall Picnics
Picnics are always romantic, no matter the time of year, but Fall has a way of making even the most basic of picnic food seem special. Bring a soft blanket along with you to the park and have a picnic together.

TIP: Decorate with gourds and candles to make it a romantic picnic.

Paint the Scenery
Buy gourds and paint them, or pick up some canvases and paint a beautiful Fall scene. You can even pay for a one night art class to paint something lovely for your home together.

TIP: Bring along some wine and dessert as you paint to make it more of a date.

Build Your Own Halloween Costume
Halloween is right around the corner – do you know what you want to be? What about your spouse? Try a themed or couple’s costume and DIY the whole thing. This not only acts as a date night, but is also something very practical for the two of you. Hit up thrift shops and sale racks and brainstorm together on how you can turn what you find into creative costumes.

TIP: Don’t let it overwhelm you! Have fun and laugh at the hilarity of your husband in a boa or your wife in a silly mask.

Which one of these fall date ideas would be perfect for you and your sweetie? Got any unique or creative dates planned for the fall? Tell us all about them on Facebook or Twitter.

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