Sun Dried Tomato Italian Hummus Recipe + Tips for Getting More Fiber Into Your Family’s Diet

This simple and delicious recipe for Sun Dried Tomato Italian Hummus is a sponsored post with Bush’s Beans. It incorporates some of my favorite flavors, plus it’s a great way to get some fiber into your diet. Who talks about fiber? Well, we do around here because fiber is super important to our family’s health. I like to get as much fiber … [Read more...]

20 Extreme Milkshakes Recipes

Extreme Milkshakes the over-the-top milkshakes that have been popping up all over the United States (originally from Australia) are an indulgent treat that everyone should try at least once. There are only a few things that I get extreme about and milkshakes are one of them. I mean, how have people ever lived without milkshakes? Ever since I was a … [Read more...]

20 Sweet and Sour Cocktails To Try At Home

My latest drink obsession? Sweet and Sour Cocktails, which is why today on the blog I have a fantastic range of Sweet and Sour Cocktails that are perfect for summer. After a long day at work or hours looking after the kids, it can be nice to sit down and relax with your favorite cocktail. This list of 20 recipes has some great flavors from Rhubarb … [Read more...]

20 Dangerously Delicious Margaritas

A pitcher of delicious margaritas sounds amazing, doesn't it?! It’s no secret that I love margaritas. Frozen, fruity, on the rocks, or with a twist - I love them all. Do you know what my favorite drink to order at a restaurant is? A margarita of course. I don’t always have the time or energy to go to a restaurant and have them make me one. So these … [Read more...]

25 Totally Tasty Summer Slushies

Summer is in full swing and that means it's time for slushies. Growing up, summer slushies were my thing. I loved to get them from the local gas station and enjoy them as often as I could. Back then, I didn't realize how easy it was to make my own slushies right at home. The next time you want a slushy, you need to make one of these 25 … [Read more...]

German Chocolate Cake Cocktail Recipe

This German Chocolate Cake Cocktail is simply divine. It combines the rich, smooth, and creamy taste of almond milk, coconut rum, shredded coconut, marshmallow vodka, and chocolate sauce for its unique flavor. Make them when you are entertaining guests or one for yourself when you are simply lounging in your backyard oasis! This recipe for a … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Patriotic Popcorn

Our Patriotic Popcorn is a quick, easy and delicious treat. Summertime is here once again and that means the annual Fourth of July Celebrations are just around the corner. Friends and family will be gathering together to enjoy good food, refreshing drinks, special times, lots of laughs, great music and festive treats. This Patriotic Popcorn … [Read more...]

25 Truly Refreshing Drinks

Sipping on refreshing drinks is one of my favorite things to do on a hot summer day. I never realized how many ways you could make flavored tea and lemonade until I started making my own. And they super easy to make. Plus, you know exactly what the ingredients are in the drink, and you can control the amount of sugar used. The summer months bring a … [Read more...]

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