Giveaway Listing Services

Need your giveaways listed, but don’t have time to do it yourself? Check out Cuzinlogic’s Giveaway Listing Services! If you are interested in giveaway promotion, please take a look at the packages below. We offer our services weekly, monthly or one time. All packages include tweets to our 20,000+ followers on the first day we list your giveaway and on the last day of your giveaway.

NEW:  Need your giveaway linky cleaned up? We will go through and delete expired ones once a week for $10 a month.

One Day Listing: Good for last minute promotion and low entry giveaways. Must have a specific end date at least 4 days away.

$10 – Have up to 2 giveaways listed and promoted on 20 linkys.

Weekly Listing: Good for 1 week (Monday-Saturday). Must have a specific end date, at least 4 days away. Some sites may take up to 3 days to review and approve a giveaway listing.

$10 – Have 1 giveaway listed and promoted on 20+ linkys.
$20 – Have up to 3 giveaways listed and promoted on 20+ linkys.
$30 – Have up to 5 giveaways listed and promoted on 20+ linkys. Bonus: Includes 10 Sunday linkys for free.

Monthly Listing: Good for 30 days (Monday-Saturday), starting the day of your first listing.

$20 – Have 1 giveaway listed and promoted on 20+ linkys a week.
$40 – Have up to 3 giveaways listed and promoted on 20+ linkys a week.
$60 – Have up to 5 giveaways listed and promoted on 20+ linkys a week. Bonus: Includes 5+ Sunday linkys for free.

These rates are for bloggers only. Giveaway promotions for businesses are $15 more for all packages. By placing an order for Giveaway Listing Services offered by Cuzinlogic, you are agreeing to Cuzinlogic’s Terms of Service.

We use a set list of sites to list your giveaways (all require no linking back), but keep in mind that this list may change if the linky is not working properly or is not up for the day or week. If that happens we have backup sites. If you have your own list we can use it instead of ours. Please send your list when submitting the form.

Type of Sites

Giveaway Directory Sites – A directory of online giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests.

Ongoing Blog Linkys: Blogs that have a continuous link-up available. Giveaways are removed after the end date or at the end of the month.

Daily Giveaway Linkys: Blogs that have a daily link-up available to list your giveaways. These blogs allow you to list your giveaway on a certain day of the week each week.

Terms of Service

Please read these terms carefully before using the Giveaway Listing Services offered by Cuzinlogic.

Giveaway details (prize, end date, eligibility, etc.) is pulled from the information you submit on the form or your blog post. Please double check that your information is correct when submitting the form. If your submission is missing information or your post has incorrect info your listing may be delayed.

Submissions are not processed on Sundays and holidays.

Adult or illegal giveaways will not be listed.

Once you submit the Giveaway Listing Services form, we will look over your submission and send you an invoice to your PayPal address. Once payment is received we will start listing your giveaways within 24 hours (Monday-Saturday). We will also email you to let you know when your giveaways have been added.

We do not provide any analytics on giveaway listings and make no promises and cannot guarantee how much traffic or how many entries our listings will bring you. Some prizes no matter how big or small just do better than others. However, we will promote your giveaways as promised on the Giveaway Listing Services page.

By purchasing Giveaway Listing Services, you agree to the Terms of Service. All orders are final and refunds will only be granted at the sole discretion of the owners of Cuzinlogic. We reserve the right to modify or decline any submission without notice. If your paid listing is declined, you will receive a full refund within 3 business days. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not sign up for our services.

Thank you for choosing Cuzinlogic’s giveaway listing and promotion services.

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