5 Reasons to Buy Gift Cards #CardOffer317

Does anyone out there love gift cards as much as I do? I am always stocking up on gift cards for several occasions. In my opinion, gift cards are better than cash because they work better than cash or any other form of a gift. Here are 5 reasons to buy more gift cards. This is a sponsored post.

5 Reasons to Buy Gift Cards

5 Reasons to Buy Gift Cards

Easy to store

Think about it, one reason to buy gift cards is that they are easy to store. After you purchase a gift card, you can put it in your wallet or somewhere else for safe keeping.

Gift cards are exciting

I have yet to meet anyone that thought gift cards were boring. I can tell you that people love gift cards, no matter the occasion.

Gift cards are better than cash

The way I buy gift cards, they end up being way better than cash because I get such a good deal. Who can say no to buying a gift card for less than it’s worth? Something like this makes me jump for joy!

Gift cards are great for college students

I don’t know if you have ever been a college student, but times get tough. You can help a college student out by sending them gift cards from time to time.

Gift cards are perfect for emergencies

Disasters strike and emergencies happen. If you have a heart to help other people, you can use gift cards to help in time of need.

There are probably 600 more reasons to buy gift cards, but I want you to have a chance to grab some at a great deal. Head to Cardpool.com and save up to 11% on gift cards from top brands! You can snag these deal from 3/17 through March 31st.

Here are just a few gift cards you can use this deal on!

 Neiman Marcus– Save 10%! http://bit.ly/2mTTU7D

 Nordstrom – Save 10%! http://bit.ly/2n2Aq12

 Starbucks – Save 11%! http://bit.ly/2n2ytBs

 Apple Store – Save 4.5%! http://bit.ly/2ny2JAV

 JCPenney – Save 11%! http://bit.ly/2ny2Nk9

 Toys R Us– Save 11%! http://bit.ly/2mkX3Jv

 Crate and Barrel– Save 7%! http://bit.ly/2ml2SHN

 Barnes & Noble – Save 9%! http://bit.ly/2n2K9nN

About Cardpool

Cardpool is a gift card exchange that makes it easy for anyone to safely and securely buy discounted pre-owned gift cards at up to 35% off or sell unwanted gift cards for up to 92% of their value. Purchases come with ab180 guarantee! Find out more at Cardpool.com.

To celebrate the Cardpool.com special offer the generous folks at Tatu Digital Media are having a great contest to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Enter below. Void where prohibited. Log in with your name and email or Facebook using the Rafflecopter form.

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. For a list of winners visit the winners page.

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