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6:59 Authors Nonye and Kelechi Acholonu


Please tell me the authors are planning to write a sequel. I can’t bear the thought of this book being a standalone. I need to know more about the characters, about the grey eyes and this peculiar hidden world. I enjoyed every minute I spent reading it and I just didn’t want it to ever end. It’s so creative and exciting, both authors did a wonderful job bringing this story to life.

The split personalities of Cameron (Cam) were pretty interesting. They were the complete opposite. “Day” Cameron was sweet and the whole definition of a good guy, while “night” Cam was this big rebel with powers thanks to his association with the grey eyes. I can’t say which “side” I liked best because both guys have their charm, but I have to admit Cameron was so much nicer and Cam did act like a jerk for most part of the book.

It was fairly easy to follow the storyline and I liked that it was told in different point of views. There’s also romance inside this book and if you think a love triangle is hard on your heart, then you can bet this love square will be agonizing. I struggled a lot to come to terms with the relationships since my heart didn’t want to budge, but I know that who each guy ends up with is the right choice.

However, what I didn’t like much was the ending. It is dramatic and good in a way, but I was not pleased with the fate of one of the characters. I thought it was sad how everyone just shrugs and move on, not fully appreciating what they lost. It’s because of that character why I need a sequel.

All in all, 6:59 is a super cool book worth reading. There’s a little bit of everything to please readers and it will certainly blow several minds away as it did with me. I highly recommend it!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Hearts (Book Ratings Guide)

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About the Book:
6:51 p.m.

I close my AP Calculus book and place it into my black, Jansport book bag. I close my calculator and place that, too, carefully into the calculator slot. Inserting my pens and my pencils, I slide the silver zipper around my bag to close it.

6:54 p.m.

I’m in my bathroom. I stare at my face. My ocean blue eyes. My dirty blonde hair. My tan skin (acquired from this summer in Cabo, Mexico). I splash water on my face.

6:56 p.m.

My heart’s starting to beat faster. It always does at this time. I try to control my breathing as I continue to organize the already organized room. I feel my eyelids beginning to droop.

6:58 p.m.

My heart beat slows. I crawl into my bed and pull the covers tightly around me, caging my body so it couldn’t flee. I breathe out of my mouth as my lids droop down, down, down.

6:59 p.m.

Everything goes black.

Cameron is suffering from “schizophrenia”—or so they thought. By day he’s a regular boy with good grades and many friends, but come 6:59 p.m., he becomes a whole different person: Cam. He’s now a part of a group of powerful, supernatural human beings called the Gray Eyes, forced to do dangerous missions and answer to the king of all Gray Eyes. Fortunately, Cam can only make his appearance after 7:00 p.m. But, unfortunately, both sides of this one body have their friends, families and their love, Olive Ramos, completely confused. A confusion that could not only damage relationships, ruin lives, and drive others mad, but could also get them killed.

  • Title: 6:59
  • Author: Nonye and Kelechi Acholonu
  • eBook: 408 pages
  • Publisher: Astraea Press

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  1. sounds like a good one but i dont like reading a book with an ending that makes me feel sad

  2. Trasina McGahey says

    I love to read and this sounds like a good book! You have me a little worried about the ending though!

    • It is a good one, I hope you get to read it soon! Can’t lie about the ending, it tore my heart a bit but maybe you won’t feel the same way. It depends on your attachment to that particular character. ;)

  3. This sounds like a great book. I’ve been needing something new to get wrapped up in. The cover is very evocative!

  4. Sounds interesting and I think I’ll get invested in the characters and their stories.

  5. sherry butcher says

    Sounds like a good read, i would love to read it and be ready when they do write the next book! TFS.

  6. sounds like a book that i really want to read.

  7. This book sounds very intriguing! I like how is develops and want to read it. I really get involved in my book reading and want to see how the characters play out.

  8. That sounds like a pretty good book. I love curling with a good read, something that I don’t want to put down until I finish it.

  9. Tina Bornheimer says

    The cover of the book made me want to read it, but the review of the book insisted that I now read it!! You wrote a GREAT review… how can one not read it now? LOL I mean, you gave us much to be intrigued with and now I must know what happens!! Darn you … and I mean that in a good way! I love being excited by a good book and this review has done that! I’m putting this on my Christmas list!!! Top of the list to be exact. Hope I can hold off that long on reading it! ;) Thank you!

  10. I like when books are written from different points of view. That is why this book 6:59 interests me.


  12. Dorothy Boucher says

    sounds like a interesting reads, I don’t mind a little not knowing where things are going to end up or keeping me on my toes :) thanks for share

  13. Jennifer Hiles says

    I’m intrigued. This sounds pretty interesting. I think it’s funny how attached you can get to characters in a book. I know I have been literally upset when a good book ends. Especially if there isn’t a follow up!

  14. Wow that sounds like an amazing book. I love stories where they are so good you dont want to stop reading and hope they make a sequel.

  15. Christina Swenson says

    This book sounds like something I would enjoy. I like the cover as well!

  16. Intrigued but sounds like a cliff hanger ending!

  17. I like it when I see reviews that start I wish there were a sequel- you know its good then! This sounds interesting, and I will have to look for it and the author on amazon.

  18. It’s 5:14 my time, but any time can be 659 for this occasion.

  19. Sherry Jennings says

    Sounds like a great book,I don’t read as often as I want too with being busy with my kids. When I do read and it often ends to where I can’t make no sense in the end like they just left off something which would need a sequel to it.

  20. This sounds like a good book. I love when you read a book and get drawn into the story that feel you know these people and want to get to know them better. I can tell from your review that you really like the book and the characters. I will have to look for it.

  21. This is a new one for me. I can’t believe it has never come across my radar before. It does sound really intriguing.

  22. Sounds interesting, I will have to check it out.

  23. Maria Iemma says

    I am not sure that this book is for me. I like stories that have a happy ending. Appreciate the review though.

  24. Vanessa Plummer says

    The book review that you did sounds a lot like a show I used to watch about a doctor that turned into a different personality after eight or 9 PM I can’t remember which.. Anyway it sounds awesome thanks for the review definitely will be checking it out and putting it on my wish list!

  25. MaryJo Tsitouris says

    I really like a good book that keeps you guessing and wanting to know more. Thanks for the review, I’ll keep this one on my radar. Too bad the ending isn’t great, buy maybe it’s just a way of to introduce a sequel. :)

  26. Kelly Nicholson says

    I get the feeling this would make one creepy movie..where is hollywood at..this story sounds better than anything they are doing now…

  27. Deborah Curran says

    never read a book when the male had more than 1 personality. kinds like the idea of a bad boy

  28. laurie damrose says

    This sounds like a very mysterious read,I like that.

  29. Bertha Wilson says

    Sounds very interesting to me and especially when you said that you hope there was a sequel. I will be looking for this book and put it at the top of my “to read list.”

  30. Sounds like an intriguing read, I’m ok with waiting for a sequel if it’s coming — I have some authors I read who have 15+ books in a series that is ongoing, so I’m used to waiting lol.

  31. Sounds interesting. Thanks for your review.

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