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Welcome to Cuzinlogic! We began blogging in 2010, with what started out as a personal journal-type blog for three cousins to document our family life and day-to-day musings. Over the years the direction of the blog changed, and Cuzinlogic is now a lifestyle blog full of things we love including family, recipes, books, and everything in between. We are firm believers in “sharing what you know” – so that’s why we love sharing recipes, crafts and activities, tips, ideas and the latest and greatest products that make life easier amidst the craziness of everyday life.

If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to read about us below:

Meet Catherine:

I’m Catherine, a stepmom and godmom to 10 wonderful kids who keep me busy. I also have a wonderful husband who is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. Good thing he has a sense of humor, or my teasing him about “his team” as he likes to call “Dem Cowboys” wouldn’t be fun. I love to read, watch classic movies on TCM, cook, crochet and spending time with my family and friends. I’m very family oriented and loyal to those I love – so yes, family comes first! As a self-proclaimed “organization junkie” I welcome any reason to create a spreadsheet. If we are good friends, or family and I walk into your home or office and it’s a mess it won’t be when I leave. I am the assistant activity organizer to a local senior group, and I often volunteer at a local food bank. We live in Southern California where we spend our summer vacation day tripping!

Meet Tiffany:

I’m a woman of many hats – mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, counselor, nurse, crafter, caretaker, domestic goddess, chef, hard worker etc. As you can see by the list, I play many roles and am willing to take on any others that come my way. I am loyal, friendly and my family values are strong.

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