Baby Shower Planning – Getting Started

Anyone can host a baby shower! There are no set rules of do’s and don’ts, but having a checklist will make your life easier. Check out our Baby Shower Planning Checklist below, and feel free to share it with everyone involved in the planning.

Baby Shower Planning 8 Weeks Before

Decide on who will host the baby shower
Do you want to do it yourself? If you have a friend or family member in mind, make sure it’s someone reliable! You should also consider a co host. It’s usually easier and helps with the cost when two or three people host. However, when you have too many chiefs, it can become a problem when it comes to ideas and decision making, so make sure your co host get along. It also helps when they share common interests.

Set the date of the baby shower
When choosing a date, the date should always be one that is convenient for the expectant parents as well as the host(s). A baby showers is usually held 6-8 weeks before the delivery date. However, post-showers are becoming more popular, so ask the mom-to-be if she would prefer a post-birth shower instead of a traditional, pre-birth shower. Holding the baby shower after the birth can be fun because you get to see the baby and spend time with the mother, and give her a little break as well. Typically the shower is held on the weekend, however, many people find weekday and weeknights are just as convenient. If the shower date ends up being around a major holiday don’t worry, most people can and will plan around the day you choose.

Create the baby shower guest list
Start off by asking the expectant parents for a guest list! (If it’s a surprise, ask their parents, siblings or close friends). Guest list for surprise showers can take some thought, so be sure you get your information from a reliable source. Sometimes the mom-to-be will have more than one shower. If this is the case, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not inviting anyone who has been invited to another shower. Remember to ask if this will be a couples shower, while baby showers are traditionally all women, today, many are co-ed. Be sure your guest list includes addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

If so, make plans to have someone entertain the children and setup an arts and crafts table in a separate room. If not, make it clear it’s a shower for adults only.

Determine a budget for the baby shower
You and the host(s) should discuss budget very early on in the planning process. The costs should be divided equally among all the host(s), so you should consider the financial situation of all involved before you decide on invitations, games, location, menu, decorations, etc. Keep the budget realistic and reasonable.

Decide on the baby shower theme
Choosing a theme early on is very helpful, because it makes it easier to decide on invitations, decorations, food, favors, etc. There are so many fantastic themes to choose from when planning a baby shower. You can do a quick search on the internet for baby shower themes or ask the mom-to-be for ideas. Yow will also need to decide on whether you want the shower to be formal or casual and informal.

Decide on the baby shower location
The location needs to be convenient for the expecting parents as well as their guests to get to. Many baby showers are held in the home of the host(s), because of the intimate setting. However, it depends on the amount of guest you’re inviting. If the host(s) home will not comfortably accommodate the number of guest invited, consider a restaurant, hotel or banquet hall. But keep in mind renting rooms can be expensive. So if you’re on a tight budget, it’s better if you just hold the shower at your own, a friends, or family members home.

If you decide to hold the baby shower at a restaurant, hotel or banquet hall, etc, contact the location to check for availability. Before you make your reservations visit the location to ensure it will accommodate the size of your group. You should also ask if there is ample parking, if you can bring food in and what types of decorations are allowed. If food will not provided at the restaurant, be sure to include desert only on the invitation. This is a gentle way to indicate that the host(s) does not intend on footing the restaurant bill.

Once you find the location, you will be ready to get the word out!

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  1. Great shower checklist! I’m a checklist type person.

    Katie @ Glamorous Without the Guilt

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