Beam n Read Book Light Review

Ever since I was a little girl I loved reading. My grandma, mom and all of my aunties love to read, so I guess you can say reading is in my blood. Back then, they would only get through a couple of pages before I started to nod off. Today, a good book can keep me up and reading for hours. So when I received the Beam n Read Travel and Reading Light for review, I knew it would be a great way for me to continue my nightly ritual without disturbing my husband.

Beam n Read Book Light Review

Beam n Read Travel and Reading Light

The new edition Beam n Read delivers a wide and bright light that lights up 2 book pages and doesn’t disturb others. It’s a true reading light that works with all printed books, Kindles and other eReaders (whether naked, skinned, or covered), PLUS newspapers, magazines, newsletters, loose documents, and other items that can’t support a clip-on light. Worn around the neck, there’s no need to shift it when reading paperbacks.

Included are two 2 special Relaxation Filters: BNR Orange for a softer, warmer light that blocks energizing blue light (especially useful when reading to relax in bed); BNR Red to block blue light and reduce ambient light for sensitive bed partners.

Standard alkaline AA batteries (not included) last an extra long 100 hours, far longer than flashlights and clip-on lights resulting in a lower cost to use (and fewer batteries in the trash). This light is still bright when others have gone dim. Save batteries for when you’re on the go with the optional USB/AC Power Kit with 12 ft of cable that lets you plug into the included USB/AC adapter. Or plug into a USB car adapter/charger, or a computer USB port, or a USB adapter/charger for cell phones, etc.

In addition to reading, this 3 LED hands-free light is great for crafts, travel and a lot more.

Beam n Read Book Light Review

I have been using the Beam n Read for about a month now. It is perfect for use at night when you don’t want the light to disturb someone else. The light, while bright, is not overpowering and great for focusing on the whole page that you are reading. This is a great feature because you don’t have to change positions while you are reading, unlike some book lights that focus on one spot only. I also like that you can change the power of the light with the red and orange relaxation filters. They snap on easy for those of you who don’t like bright white light. Overall, I am very satisfied with this book light.

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Beam n Read Book Light Review

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