Best Charities to Give Holiday Gift Donations

It’s the season of giving, but who is the most deserving of your holiday gift donations?

You may want to give back for all the blessings you’ve received throughout the year. Where do you start though? There are so many wonderful charities to donate to. Whether you want to help give children a wonderful Christmas or want to help the homeless, there are several great charities to donate to at Christmas time.

Best Charities to Give Holiday Gift Donations

5 Charities to Give Holiday Gift Donations

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is one of the best organizations to donate to during the holiday months. Toys for Tots gathers new, unopened toys to give out to those that are less fortunate. This organization is so easy to donate to. Many workplaces have a box for donating as do many stores. You can also go online to the Toys for Tots website to donate money. Money is needed just as badly as toys to pay for wrapping papers and other needed supplies.

The Angel Tree

In many department stores, you can find a tree that has the names and ages of children written on paper cutout angels. On the cutout, you’ll also find a list of items the child wants or needs. Your workplace may even have a tree for holiday gift donations. All you need to do is choose an angel, shop for the items, and deliver to the address listed.

The Salvation Army

Sometimes just a little bit can make a big difference. A great example is donating to the Salvation Army anytime you’re out shopping. You’ll see Salvation Army volunteers setup outside many stores during the holiday season. Stop and drop in your loose change each time. It may not seem like much, but all the change people donate adds up.

Homeless Shelters

Another great charity to donate to during the holiday season is a homeless shelter. You can donate everything from your time to canned goods. Gift cards also come in handy. In some areas, donation requests are mailed out and all you need to do is write a check.

Women’s Shelters

Last, but not least, donating to a woman’s shelter during Christmas is something that many people overlook. The need for toys, stocking stuffers, and everything that makes Christmas grand is so important. In many cases, these women have left everything behind and have nothing to give their children. With your holiday gift donations, you can make sure the family has a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas is a wonderful time to give back to the community. Whether you donate toys, clothing, or canned goods, you can make a difference in someone’s life this holiday season. Don’t forget that you can help these and many other charities year round as well.

Do you have a favorite charity? Which charities do you give holiday gift donations to during this time of year?

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