Book Review: The Fall

Chana KeeferTitle: The Fall
Author: Chana Keefer
Publisher: Intermedia Publishing Group
Format: Hard Copy, 412 pages
Authors Website:

Back Cover Description: The story has been told – but never like this.

No, Rapha would not strike with physical force this day. But he could not resist goading his enemy just once. Looking up, he fixed the peace of Adonai on Lucifer like a laser, held that malicious gaze for one eternal second – and smiled. A flicker of uncertainty stirred in Lucifer’s eyes.

Rapha opened a single thought to Lucifer as he disappeared with the creature still cradled to his breast: “You always did hate secrets.”

Rapha, a powerful angel, had seen it all in his countless years of service. At least he thought he had. Then he met Adam. Lucifer had it all, Adonai’s favor, Rapha’s friendship and unrivalled power throughout creation. But he wanted more.

Review: The Fall, the first book in the Rapha Chronicles by Chana Keefer, tells a unique version of the fall of Lucifer and what was happening before creation. The storyline is fantastic overall and something I have never come across before. I enjoyed following the interaction between the characters, Rapha and Lucifer. I did have one major issue with this book, though. While I enjoyed the story, I had a hard time keeping myself reading. The storyline was interesting, but the style of how it was presented did not appeal to me. I am sure there are other people who would enjoy this book very much, but I am forced to rate the book lower than I normally would since an important aspect of a story is keeping the reader involved.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. Thanks for the review. But this book doesn’t quite appeal to me.

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