Candy Bracelets – Edible Craft for Kids

When I was a kid I loved to buy candy necklaces from the ice cream truck and store. I would take that same necklace and wrap it around my wrist to make a matching bracelet. What I didn’t love was the taste of the candy. It always had a horrible aftertaste, so I usually ate no more than two or three pieces.

Recently I took my niece to the candy store and she picked out some edible jewelry, but at the end of the day I noticed she hadn’t eaten more than a few pieces. When I asked her about it she said she didn’t like the taste. Like me my niece was more in love with the idea of edible jewelry than the actual eating part. So when YumEarth sent me an assortment of their candy, I knew they would be perfect to make bracelets for her Easter basket.

Candy Bracelets - Edible Craft for Kids

YumEarth is a healthier and tastier option when looking for candy. They offer candy with no artificial ingredients. Plus they are gluten-free and free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes. We received YumEarth Organic Gummy Bears, Fruit Snacks, Lollipops and YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans. They were a hit with our family, and we enjoyed all of the products that we received.

We have to limit the sugar in our diet due to a family history of diabetes. So when we do indulge we like to choose candy that is a healthier alternative to some of the sugary sweets out there. YumEarth is definitely a great alternative for yummy treats, and they are a great choice for Easter gifts.

Candy Bracelets - Edible Craft for Kids

Are you looking for a last minute Easter project to do with kids that is easy and doesn’t take a lot of supplies? Try making candy bracelets. Kids will love them because they can design their bracelets with some of their favorite candy, and then eat them when they are finished. Plus, they make great gifts to add to Easter baskets.

Here is what you will need to make one:

Candy Bracelets - Edible Craft for Kids

First, decide what kind of bracelet you want to make. You want candy that is soft enough that you can push a need through it.

Next, decide what order you want the candy pieces on the bracelet.

Cut the elastic cord to about 7″ in length. Keep it a little longer if you are making the candy bracelet to give as a gift, and the kid isn’t available to measure their wrist. Once you have your desired length thread the cord through the needle.

Then, all you need to do is knot the thread and push the needle through the candy. Keep a wet paper towel handy. The needle will get sticky with candy residue! This will make it easier for the needle to slide through candy like jelly beans.

When you have all the candy on the cord, triple knot the bracelet and cut off the excess thread and you are done!

Note: Remind kids to remove bracelet when washing hands, bathing or going to the bathroom. Also, I don’t recommend keeping these longer than a day since they can get dirty.

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  1. What a great idea!
    My kids would love doing this!!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Ok, that is a really cool idea and I know my kids would be all over this if I made them with them!!

  3. Oh how cute, what a tasty little idea! I’ll have to make this next time my nieces & nephews come for a visit. They’ll get such a kick out of this!

  4. This is a great idea! Easy as well! Love Yum Earth.

  5. These are cute! I like the gummy bear bracelet the best, but that could just be because I love gummy bears.

  6. Lois Alter Mark says

    What a cute idea! Those look so much better than the old candy necklaces!

  7. What a fantastic idea – my kids would love this!

  8. Amy Desrosiers says

    I literally just got done eating a bag of YumEarth Gummy Bears–they are THE best!

  9. Karin Shaim says

    it looks so cute, I must try this!

  10. Oh I love this!!! My kids would love this and love eating it too!

  11. This is a great idea! I’m going to make one for my daughter!

  12. What A Cute Idea & Healthy Too Will Have To Make For The Kids!

  13. Hope Tweeddale says

    This is so cute!! Seriously though, if someone gave me one of these they’d be my best friend forever. Period. Haha :’)

  14. Such a fun idea! I’m going to do this today!

  15. Lexie Lane says

    These are a whole lot of fun! Yum!!! My son and niece would love making these!

  16. I loved candy bracelets as a kid! This is a cool and healthy alternative!! :)

  17. Sounds like a tasty project

  18. Christina R. says

    I too loved getting the bracelets and jewelry but didn’t like the taste! What’s awesome is that this awesome idea you have means everyone can get whatever they like and control calories etc! Love that you’ve spotlighted your awesome idea!

  19. Janeane Davis says

    This is such a cute project! I hope you can get it done without eating all your building materials.

  20. Tista Ray says

    Looks both tasty and cute!

  21. Woe, what an awesome idea!! I don’t celebrate Easter but I’m sure my niece would love this!! She’s having holidays so I’m going to get her do do this. :)

  22. So cute! Incredible idea! I think I have to make my own interesting idea as well

  23. These are so cute I really love this idea. THis would be a fun project for the kids and I.

  24. Annie {Stowed Stuff} says

    Love this! And it’s such a good fine motor activity for the toddlers!

  25. I teach 2nd grade at a school where they encourage us not to give out a lot of sugary things. This would be a great solution for a fun treat without the sugar. Thanks!

  26. Ah, childhood nostalgia!

  27. My cousin would definitely love these edible bracelets. I always buy her gummy bears and she’s very girly and loves cute stuff so I’m sure she’ll love it. And if she doesn’t, I would!

  28. ohh! I loved it! My nephew was born 2 days ago, so I’ll keep this idea in mind for when he is older!

  29. Wow. I knew about those hard candy necklaces and bracelets but I’ve never seen the gummy version! They look more appetizing!

  30. Maria Medeiros says

    This is such a fun and lovely idea! treats that are great for kids and in a fun and creative way! wonderful!

  31. Samantha Kensell says

    Thanks so much for the idea, I will have to make these with my nieces some time!

  32. Erika Messer says

    This is great! I never thought of it – my daughter is extremely picky and doesn’t eat the normal candies like most kids chow down. This would be a great way to put stuff I KNOW she would eat on the bracelet or necklace :) Thank you!

  33. What a great idea…my nieces would love this :)

  34. Awesome idea! :)
    They look really interesting :)

  35. What an awesome idea. I can see my grandson stringing gummy bears. Probably be more in him than on the string, but this could be tons of fun. Could be fun for the older kids too.

  36. Mary Preston says

    Such a fun idea. A good way to limit the amount eaten too.

  37. Stephanie Carrico says

    Wish I still worked in daycare…this would be a great project.My boys are grown

  38. Anne Helene says

    I would have loved doing this as a kid! Those edible bracelets i got when i was a kid was the best, and doing it yourself is so much more FUN!

  39. Gabbie Pintac says

    This is adorable! I think I’ll try this for my little nieces every time I babysit them for my sister :) I can let the kids help me in making the bracelets and I think they’ll love it and become a really great bonding experience for us <3

  40. What a fun project. Thank you for sharing with us.

  41. very good idea and even better than you chose a better alternative than the usual candies

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