Things Too Big To Name by Molly Best Tinsley

This guest review by Nora S. of Things Too Big To Name is made possible by a review copy provided at no charge. Things Too Big To Name “She had penetrated my sanctuary, false as it was, built of knowledge and art, a little wisdom, the dead white males mindfully offset by contingents of under-appreciated women. Remnants of a civilization that … [Read more...]

Daring Summer by Elyse Douglas Book Review

This guest review by Sal of Daring Summer is made possible by a review copy provided at no charge. Daring Summer Great and emotion-packed story just like I love to read. Kim is in an unhappy marriage. Her husband, Ben is psychologically abusive and manipulative. Kim is contemplating divorcing her husband when everything changes. One day … [Read more...]

Little Chickies Los Pollitos – Bilingual (Spanish-English) Children’s Book

Are you ready to help your children learn another language? There is a lot of research about how children are more likely to learn a language fluently if they are exposed to it before their teen years. Because we live in Los Angeles where Spanish speakers are abundant my nieces have picked up on a few words here and there, so we figured now is the … [Read more...]

Sweets & Treats With Six Sisters’ Stuff

Have you ever been browsing around on Facebook and see the most delicious and mouthwatering recipe and quickly share it so you can remember it? Or been browsing Pinterest and found a to die for cheesecake recipe that you had to run right out and pick up the ingredients to try and make it from home? Chances are that you were looking at a recipe from … [Read more...]

Brave Girls by Stacey Radin, PsyD

I remember vividly what it was like to face my new school as a new teenager of 13. Fresh out of junior high and making my way through the throngs of new students that had transferred from my local junior high, I faced my first day of high school with confidence. I knew that that day marked my journey from childhood to adolescence and at the … [Read more...]

New Children’s Joke Books from UHCCF Delivers Big Laughs #UHCCFjokes

Today's post is brought to you by UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF). Did you know that laughter is good for you? According to Web MD, laughter does a lot for your body. Laughter has the same benefits as working out (now those are some serious benefits). Laughing boosts your heart rate and just makes you feel great! When I was a kid, … [Read more...]

Homemade with Love by Jennifer Perillo

As a society, we seem to always be looking for the next best thing. We don’t take a step back and go back to our roots with things that are made with love. This is exactly what Homemade with Love by Jennifer Perillo is for me. There are recipes that are delectable but also are inspired by the girl-next-door favorite. This cookbook is going to have … [Read more...]

Tea Party Personalized Book from Hallmark

This Tea Party Personalized Book takes story time to whole new level. When faced with the arrival of a special occasion it's always the first thought in our mind that we should do something special to mark the occasion or to celebrate it. Whether it's the arrival of a new baby, the birthday of someone special, a promotion or an anniversary, … [Read more...]

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