Freakishly Fantastic Frankenstein Halloween Treat Cups

Make your own Frankenstein Halloween Treat Cups with this quick and easy tutorial. Today on the blog we have some freakishly fantastic Frankenstein Treat Cups that are perfect for Halloween. This is a fun and simple craft which the kids are sure to love. I think it’s great to enjoy Halloween with the kids and making fun items is always a great … [Read more...]

Easy Mummy Halloween Treat Cups

Make your own Mummy Halloween Treat Cups with this quick and easy tutorial. Are you looking for a quick and simple Halloween craft? Why not try making these Spooky and Googly Eyed Mummy Halloween Treat Cups? They are fun and easy to make and require very only a few materials. Halloween is a great time to get crafty with the kids and I'm sure … [Read more...]

Easy Bat Halloween Treat Cups

Make your own Bat Halloween Treat Cups with this quick and easy tutorial. Don't you just love crafting with the kids? This batty Halloween Idea is sure to be a winner this Halloween Season. The instructions are super easy to follow and you can pick out lots of yummy treats to add to your Bat Halloween Treat Cups. I've often heard it's the … [Read more...]

40 Spooky (But Not Scary) Kids Halloween Crafts

Halloween is drawing closer and today we have a fantastic list of spooky and fun kids Halloween crafts. Taking part in crafts and DIY projects can add a whole new element of fun to the Halloween season. Today on the blog we are sharing a number of ideas from paper plate craft ideas to mummy pen holders, painted rocks to fun Halloween Mason Jars. … [Read more...]

31 Days of Halloween Bucket List Printable

This Halloween Bucket List Printable includes a collection of fun activities my family enjoys doing during the month of October. Do you want some fantastic ideas for activities this Halloween? Today I am sharing this Halloween Bucket List for you to complete with the family. It’s a great way to help you get into the spooky spirit! This 31 … [Read more...]

20 DIY Halloween Mason Jar Ideas

Looking for fun Halloween Mason Jar Ideas? Are you a fan of Mason Jars or looking for the perfect Halloween craft? Then look no further. Today we have a fantastic list of Halloween Mason Jar Ideas which are spooky and perfectly themed for Halloween. These hauntingly fantastic jar ideas are super cute. From a glittery pumpkin mason lantern … [Read more...]

Everything Halloween A to Z Game Printable

Do you want a fun Halloween printable for the kids or maybe even one for the adults? Today we have a fantastic downloadable Everything Halloween A to Z Game Printable which is sure to get you thinking. All you need to do is think of one Halloween themed word per alphabet letter. This is a great way to mix literacy, learning, and fun during the … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas Word Search Printable Activity

This Merry Christmas Word Search is the perfect boredom buster for road trips, snow days, or bringing along to restaurants. These types of printables are also excellent for teachers who are looking for a way to keep kids busy in the days before Christmas break. Are you always looking for ways to keep the kids busy during Christmas break? While … [Read more...]

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