Captain Marvel Collectible SteelBook Now Available at Best Buy

Are you a fan of the Marvel movies or know someone who is? What better way to prove that you are true-blue Marvel fan than with this Captain Marvel Collectible SteelBook. SteelBooks are the perfect collectible for any movie lover! This is a sponsored post. Collectible SteelBook What is a SteelBook? A SteelBook is a limited run of a … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Movie Review

Fans of Finding Nemo waited patiently for Finding Dory and were not disappointed. It was one of the hottest movies of 2016 and people of all ages loved it. Fans of the original characters of Finding Nemo will love the fact that Marlin and Nemo have returned to help Dory find a family she suddenly remembers. Of course, what people will really love … [Read more...]

The Lion Guard Unleash The Power on Disney DVD

I love when Disney makes a TV show based on one of their hit movies, especially when it's one that my nieces and I love. The Lion Guard is an animated television series based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. It continues with Simba and Nala's second-born cub, Kion, and his Lion Guard team: Bunga the honey badger, Fuli the cheetah, Beshte the … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Relive the magic and the music of Beauty and the Beast! Twenty-five years ago, little girls were whisked away to a magical place where tea pots and candelabras sang wonderful songs and a Disney princess loved books as much as they did. If you were one of those little girls, you'll definitely want to grab the 25th anniversary edition of Beauty … [Read more...]

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD

Summer is slowly winding down, and before I know it all the kids will be back in school. Trying to find something for them to do all summer has been a task all of its own. I like to find something my nieces, nephews, and godkids can enjoy that doesn’t require my full attention. DVDs are a big help when it comes to having a few minutes of quiet time … [Read more...]

Cat in the Hat: Oh Say, What’s the Weather Today DVD

Dr. Seuss never gets old and I consider him to be one of my favorite children’s author. Most kids grow up learning his silly and, yes, funny rhymes reading books. I have several of those books that I still read today. Thanks to the PBS show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That these popular stories come to life on DVD in Oh Say, What’s the … [Read more...]

Doozers Catch a Ride DVD – New From NCircle Entertainment

NCircle Entertainment is a brand that is well known in my household. They create movies that not only entertain parents and children alike but also educates and teaches young children motor skills, colors, problem solving tactics, science concepts, social skills and so much more. We have several movies from NCircle Entertainment in our DVD library … [Read more...]

LEGO Scooby-Doo Haunted Hollywood Blu-ray

Nothing screams nostalgia to me quite like Scooby-Doo. Like several other childhood favorites, Scooby-Doo and the gang were an important part of my growing up years. After all these years Scooby never gets old, so, the opportunity to receive and review a copy of the all-new original animated film LEGO Scooby-Doo Haunted Hollywood was a welcome one. … [Read more...]

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