Ride Along 2 Blu-ray Movie Review

When I watch a funny movie, it puts me in a great mood for the entire day. If I am upset, I can put a comedy in the DVD player and laugh my troubles away. Movie night with my better half always ends with us watching a comedy. This week, we decided to watch Ride Along 2 and trust me, you will laugh so hard and so much your sides will be hurting by … [Read more...]

Goldie & Bear: Best Fairytale Friends on DVD + Printable Activity Sheets

Chances are you have heard of the classic story, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, but do you know what happens after the story ends? Goldie begins a remarkable friendship with an unlikely companion, a Bear. They embark on an amazing adventure. Thanks to Disney Junior, I was sent a copy of Disney’s Goldie & Bear: Best Fairytale Friends on … [Read more...]

Norm of the North on Blu-ray + Printable Activity Sheets

You know when you watch a movie and it engages the little ones and as soon as it is over everyone wants to watch it again? Well, that was Norm of the North for us. We have been seeing the previews for this, I want to say for almost a year now, and we could not wait to watch it. I barely walked through the door before my nieces were yanking and … [Read more...]

DC Super Hero Girls – Join in the Fun With Your Little Super Hero

Today we are excited to introduce you to the DC Super Hero Girls animated series. This post has been sponsored. For as long as I can remember my mom, grandmother and aunties have instilled in me the importance of female empowerment. And today I continue the tradition of Girl Power with my nieces. They love watching cartoons but don't often … [Read more...]

The Land Before Time Journey of the Brave – Now on Digital HD and DVD

If you've been searching for a fun Dinosaur movie for your little ones then look no further than Land Before Time Journey of the Brave. Your children will love following along with young Apatosaurus Littlefoot and his four dinosaur pals, as they embark on an adventure. I introduced my nieces to the original 1988 film, The Land Before Time a few … [Read more...]

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Pop Star Minnie DVD Review

It's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!! Now that I have the theme song stuck in your head, I can continue on. Who doesn't love Mickey and Minnie and now, kid's can enjoy the timeless character in a fun way with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In Pop Star Minnie, Minnie wishes to be on stage singing. Mickey and the gang are on board the … [Read more...]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Movie Review

Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by several generations since its debut on December 21, 1937. In case you have not watched this movie yet, it follows a young princess who wins the hearts of seven dwarfs. The evil queen, who happens to be her stepmother, comes after Snow White and poisons her with … [Read more...]

Shaun The Sheep Movie on Blu-ray and Digital HD

When you spend a lot of time with nieces and nephews like I do you become familiar with all types of children's programming. Shaun The Sheep is one that my nieces discovered this year. They love to watch the animated series and own quite a few of the DVDs. So when our copy of the Shaun The Sheep Movie arrived for review, they were extremely excited … [Read more...]

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