How to Care for your Christmas Tree

Are you wondering about how to care for your Christmas tree? If you take these steps, you can make a Christmas tree last longer through the holiday season. Whether you choose to have a real Christmas tree in your home or invest in an artificial tree, there are things you need to do to care for your Christmas tree. This will ensure that your real … [Read more...]

Best Charities to Give Holiday Gift Donations

It's the season of giving, but who is the most deserving of your holiday gift donations? You may want to give back for all the blessings you've received throughout the year. Where do you start though? There are so many wonderful charities to donate to. Whether you want to help give children a wonderful Christmas or want to help the homeless, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While on Vacation

With the holiday travel season now upon us, these tips will help keep your home safe while you are out of town. If you're planning on taking a vacation this holiday season, you need to think about protecting your home. With one wrong move, your home could be the perfect target for burglars. However, there are things you can do that will keep … [Read more...]

Tips for Selecting a Christmas Tree

This year, bring everyone together by selecting a Christmas tree the whole family will love. We all know that when it comes to Christmas decorations, the tree is the most important piece. It's the centerpiece of your living room and where your family will gather on Christmas morning. That's why you want to take the time to find a tree you love. … [Read more...]

What to Do With All Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into quick and easy meals that give back for the rest of the week! After Thanksgiving is over, many people get into the rush of the holiday season and weeknight meals become harder to prepare. That's where those leftovers can help! Make one of these dishes to help get you through that first hectic week and give … [Read more...]

How to Stock Up on Gifts Now With #VonsGC16

I love giving gifts. I enjoy it so much that I often stock up on gifts that won’t break the bank for those unexpected gifting occasions. This is a sponsored post. The holidays have arrived! That means the fun is just now starting. Maybe you have a list a mile long of people to buy for. Whatever the case, it is possible to stock up on gifts, let … [Read more...]

5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

Thanksgiving activities for kids is a fun, yet educational way for children to learn about the holiday during the fall season. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, but many people are starting to see a disconnect with their children and the holiday. Many kids are starting to just see it as that holiday in between Halloween and … [Read more...]

How to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to have a healthy Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and you don't have to lose weight now just to be ready for the gain this holiday season. In fact, you can still indulge and enjoy your holiday without going overboard, and here's how! How to Have a Healthy … [Read more...]

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