Chobani Kids – Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chobani. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was a kid, I was the type of kid that never left a single thing on their plate during lunch. I’d like to think my nieces are the same way, but unless I pack their favorite foods, they aren’t. One thing my nieces need to have in their lunches is Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt. The new and exciting thing about Chobani is that they make yogurt just for kids now, which is what my nieces love having in their lunches, now that we’re in “back to school” season.

Chobani Kids – Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

I love Chobani Kids® and Chobani Tots® Greek Yogurt for many reasons, mostly because it’s easy to digest for my nieces. I know I can send them to school with Chobani Kids® and Chobani Tots® Greek Yogurt and they won’t have any stomach issues. There are only natural and preservative free ingredients in Chobani yogurt! Not only do I pack Chobani Kids® yogurt in their lunches, but I also keep extra in the fridge for an afterschool snack.

Going Back to School with Chobani Kids – Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

Back to school is also exciting for Chobani Kids® yogurt fans! Chobani Kids® pouches are going to have a new look. Strawberry and Vanilla + Chocolate Dust Pouches will now feature Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins in partnership with The Walt Disney Company’s Magic of Healthy Living Initiative. Guess who’s also joining the Chobani Kids® family? Chobani Mixed Berry Tubes (these are protein packed goodies that your kids will also love)!

I love that Chobani has focused on several different kids’ products, so that kids of all ages can enjoy the health benefits of this Greek yogurt. Here are all of the different Chobani yogurts that are focused on children and their need for a healthy lunch and snack alternative.

  • Chobani Tots® Pouches- designed for babies starting at 6 months. Babies get to enjoy the health benefits of Chobani Greek yogurt. It’s made with whole milk and has 12mg of omega-3 DHA.
  • Chobani Kids® Pouches- has less sugar than the leading kids yogurt, packed with 2x’s the amount of protein, comes in three varieties * Strawberry, Grape, and Vanilla & Chocolate Dust. Also, it comes in your child’s favorite characters.
  • Chobani Kids® Tubes- has 25% less sugar than the leading yogurt, has 5 grams of protein, and has awesome flavors like Strawberry, Banana, Mixed Berry, and Watermelon.

Chobani Kids – Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

I can proudly say that thanks to Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt my nieces are eating at least one thing out of their lunches completely every day! I encourage your family to try one of the lines of Chobani Kids® Greek Yogurt, they’ll love it to the very last tasty drop.

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Chobani Kids – Greek Yogurt Your Kids Will Love

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