Easy Christmas Tree Treats

These Christmas Tree Treats are perfect for Christmas parties, class treats, or holiday dessert tables!

Christmastime in here and it’s time to get in the kitchen. While there’s nothing wrong with making sugar cookies year after year, why not add something new? This gives you more time to spend with your kids and allows you and your family to try new treats. Whether you love macaroons or brownies, there are Christmas tree treats that everyone is sure to love.

20 Easy Christmas Tree Treats For Your Holiday Entertaining

The classic Christmas tree is one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas. It’s also something that’s easy to recreate into something edible. After all, if you can form a triangle, you’ve got the base for a Christmas tree treat. Usually, all it takes is adding some decorations in the form of frosting and sprinkles to finish it off.

The Christmas tree is also a symbol that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. No child is going to say they’re too old to enjoy a Christmas tree. Of course, any Christmas treat is pretty hard to turn down, regardless of how it’s shaped.

If you want to create some delicious, edible Christmas trees, check out the recipes below. There’s something for everyone. Whether you love cookies or ice cream, there’s going to be at least one recipe that you’ll love making with your family this year.

Christmas Tree Treats

1. Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treats
2. Peppermint Brownie Christmas Trees
3. Easy Christmas Tree Brownies
4. Christmas Tree Cupcakes
5. Christmas Tree Grahams
6. Rice Krispies Trees
7. Christmas Tree Cake
8. 3-D Stacked Christmas Tree Cookies
9. Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie Bars
10. Christmas Tree Pastries

20 Easy Christmas Tree Treats For Your Holiday Entertaining

11. Christmas Tree Waffles
12. Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree
13. Popcorn Christmas Tree
14. Coconut Macaroon Christmas Tree Cookie
15. Olive Christmas Tree Appetizer Plate
16. Christmas Tree Chocolate Covered Oreos
17. Christmas Tree Cheese Ball
18. Fruit Christmas Tree
19. Christmas Tree Oreo Cookie Balls
20. Peanut Butter Christmas Trees

Which one of these Christmas Tree Treats will you try first?

Looking for more tasty recipes? Check out these easy recipes that you will want to try! If you make this recipe, be sure to share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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