CityGrips Stroller Handlebar Covers

I first learned about CityGrips on YouTube. After watching a vloggers review I immediately headed over to their website to learn more.

CityGrips are washable grip covers designed to slip onto stroller handlebars. They fit both single and double handlebar strollers, and come in variety of stylish and fun designs.

CityGrips are designed for you to:

  • Protect your hands, keeping them soft & comfy.
  • Safeguard your stroller’s handlebars from dirt buildup and wear & tear.
  • Prevent passing germs to your child.
  • Choose from many stylish, easy-to-attach and machine-washable patterns and stroll with the trendiest new accessory.
  • Personalize your stroller, making it easy to spot.

stroller handlebar grip covers

My stroller gets used several times a day almost everyday. In fact, I rarely leave home without it. I’m not into babywearing — slings, wraps, etc., unlike my husband who likes to play “He-Man” and carry our little one. No matter how quick the errand is, I always try to grab the stroller before I leave the house. So, as you can imagine it can get pretty dirty over time, especially the handles as they likely contain germs and the oils from the lotion on my hands. I did a bunch of research on strollers, before buying my current stroller. However, it never occurred to me to ask about how the handles hold up over time. Fortunately for me it’s not peeling or falling apart, but they can get quite dirty. Until a few weeks ago I spent a lot of time cleaning them.

Last month we had a free day which is unusual in my home. No school, work, practice, errands, etc. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful and went to the park. Since, we were walking it was the perfect time to try out the ZigZag CityGrip stroller handlebar covers. They were easy to attach and stayed put while I pushed the stroller around. They didn’t slide, or turn and are very soft and comfortable to hold onto while pushing the stroller. After using them for a few days, I removed them and put them in the washing machine. After a quick dry they looked just as they did before, no shrinking, fading or loose stitches. If you use your stroller often this is a great accessory to own. Makes a great gift for anyone who pushes a stroller!

Visit the CityGrips website to purchase for 12.95 plus free shipping.

I received a product or products to share my thoughts. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by any compensation.

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  1. These are both functional and nice looking.

  2. Nicole@muranoplace says

    I will surely love this! this is so user-friendly plus it is really designed for your comfort. thanks for sharing this..

  3. These are a great idea! Wish I had these when we went to Disney – would have made the game of ‘spot the buggy’ much easier ;)

  4. Looks nice! Thank you for the review!

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