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NCircle Entertainment is a brand that is well known in my household. They create movies that not only entertain parents and children alike but also educates and teaches young children motor skills, colors, problem solving tactics, science concepts, social skills and so much more. We have several movies from NCircle Entertainment in our DVD library and they are all wonderful, bright and vivid. I recently received a new movie to add to our collections called Doozers Catch a Ride.

NCircle Entertainment

Jim Henson’s Doozers is an animated television series featuring the Doozers of Fraggle Rock. The series focuses on cooperation, teamwork, inventing, technology, and eco-consciousness. Children get to go on all sorts of adventures with Spike, Molly Bolt, Daisy Wheel and Flex in Doozer Creek.

Doozers Catch a Ride DVD

Doozers Catch a Ride

It’s time for the annual Doozer Creek hot air balloon race and as always, the Pod Squad is ready to go. As luck would have it, the Podsmobile blimp is going way to fast and the gang starts to veer off course. I really hope they can get back on track and win the race. In this action packed DVD special, Doozer Creek is also holding a Doozer Derby and the crew get to design their own Derby Race Cart. The Pod Squad can’t settle on one design and it turns into turmoil. Will they be able to settle on a design and head to the derby and win the race? You will have to watch and find out. Along with these two episodes, you will also find a jet pack fiasco, a Doozer-Coaster and so much more. How fun does that sound?!

My nieces love watching the Doozers, so they enjoyed this DVD very much. It is very engaging, especially for littles one who share a love of inventing. This animated series is a great way to inspire preschoolers inventive nature through imagination and play. I also love that the Doozers are all about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education.

Doozers Catch a Ride is a fun DVD geared more towards younger children (preschool aged) but I know quite a few older children who enjoy watching these incredibly cute and likable characters. Each episode is about 11 minutes and each one leaves my nieces wanting more. They can’t get enough of these cheerful characters who inspire kids to make the world a better place. Add this DVD to your collection for only $7.99.

Doozers Catch a Ride is available on DVD at Amazon and

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