Dress Up and Enjoy Imaginative Play with Just Pretend Kids

Recently I was telling my husband how I needed to get some costumes for the kids. And then I heard about Just Pretend Kids, a company that makes high quality dress up costumes that inspire children to explore and celebrate their own creative spirit. So, when I was contacted and asked to review a costume, I jumped at the opportunity to receive one of their cute dress up costumes.

Just Pretend Kids has so many cute outfits to choose from on their site. There are all sorts of fairies, a toddler monster costume and bumblebees – all adorable. My top two choices were the toddler monarch butterfly (for my daughter) and the monster costume (for my son). I ended up going with the bodysuit, tutu, boppy (headband), wand and wings from the Monarch Butterfly Collection for my review which is a part of their insect collection.

I received all the necessary parts to really pull this set together:

I was so excited to receive this outfit. The set looks adorable online and I was not disappointed in person. Each piece is great quality and seems like it could hold up pretty well against young kids, which is important if it’s going to be a play outfit. The only parts that seem fairly fragile are the wings, which seemed to be almost a nylon/pantyhose type material, and the puffs on the wand and boppy. I would complete expect those parts to be susceptible to damage in any similar costume though.

This is a toddler outfit so it is intended for someone a little larger than my daughter, but I wanted something that was going to last a bit since she was on the borderline for being too big for three similar infant outfits. It was a little loose on her, but acceptable to wear and she will be able to wear it for quite some time. It might just be perfect as a Halloween costume. The only thing I would add to the pieces would be some striped leg warmers/leggings for colder weather wear (such as Halloween).

Forever My Girl Author Heidi McLaughlin

Forever My Girl Author Heidi McLaughlin

I’ve dealt with some pretty disappointing costumes in the past that were store bought, but this costume is right on the level with a good homemade costume. I love showing the pictures of my daughter decked out in it to family. I can’t wait for her to play in it more.

Forever My Girl Author Heidi McLaughlin

Forever My Girl Author Heidi McLaughlin

Cute and great quality costumes – definitely think this is worth the price, especially considering the prices I’ve seen on some other subpar costumes.

Check out justpretendkids.com for your little ones costume needs!

About Cassie

Cassie is a stay at home mom and college student. She spends her spare time reading books and doing crafts. Her favorite books are anything fiction, but especially scifi books.


  1. julia cosgrove says

    My boys love to dress up in their costumes. It is so fun watching them take on the roles of whatever they are wearing.

  2. Maria Medeiros says

    Oh my cuteness!!! so cute! Lovely! my daughters love to dress up! :D sweet!

  3. Samantha Wallace says

    The outfits are cute if you had kids!!

  4. gianna borden says

    as a mother of 3 almost 4 girls, we LOVE to play dress up! this is so cute, love your pictures!!!!!! thank you for sharing :) loved this posting!

  5. Karen Glatt says

    This is so cute to Pretend dress up. My niece would love to dress up and see how much fun it would be and she would look cute in this outfit.

  6. The pictures of your daughter are absolutely adorable. I really like the idea behind “Just Pretend Kids.” Your right it is a great way for kids to explore and their own creativity. Thanks for sharing this… I’m going to tell my sister about this for my niece.

  7. Birdiebee says

    This costume (dress up) is so beautiful. It is great fun for kids to take part in pretend play.

  8. This costume is just too adorable. Thank you for your review.

  9. I ran a theatre company for 20 years and worked with many kids. This kind of play can work wonders.

  10. MARIA simon says

    my kids keep all their old Halloween or school costumes for plays and such and they use them all the time!!!!! so glad I never threw out :) thanks

  11. Birdiebee says

    She is just so darling. I love to see kids when they get all dressed up for pretend play or even Halloween.

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