5 Easter Activities for Kids

Celebrating Easter can be a fun way to get into the spirit of the season, but for kids it can be a great way to build memories about this time of year and associate it with a holiday their family loves to celebrate. From easy to make Chalkboard Egg Hunting Pails to Handprint Easter Cards, here are five of our favorite Easter activities for kids

5 Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids That You’ll Enjoy Too

Chalkboard Egg Hunting Pails
Metal bucket
Chalkboard paint

Instructions: Paint the metal pails with the paint. Allow to dry completely. Have kids glue the embellishments they like on it, then allow them to draw as they see fit with the chalk.

Jellybean Seeds
Jelly Beans
Small plastic shovel

Instructions: Have kids dig small, shallow holes and plant the jellybeans inside them like seeds. Cover the holes and lightly sprinkle with water. When they go to bed at night, replace the beans with the suckers. When kids wake up, tell them their jellybeans grew into the suckers.

Handprint Easter Card
A pen
A hand

Instructions: Dip you child’s hand into the paint and have them make bunny ears with their fingers. Press this to the cardboard and allow to dry. Have your child decorate the bunny’s face with the pen or markers and give them ribbon, buttons, bows and other embellishments to make the card really pop. Add a personalized message to each card and give as an Easter gift.

Easter Eggshell Vase
Small vase
Hard boiled and dyed eggs
Craft glue
Decoupage spray glue

Instructions: After the eggs have been boiled, dyed, cooled, and dried, you should remove the shell (eat the eggs!) and crunch it into medium sized pieces. You can even use scissors to cut it to the pieces you like. Use craft glue to attach the pieces to the vase in any shape or design you prefer and then spray the whole thing with decoupage glue to hold it in place.

Easter Bunny Photo Frame
Mini photo frame in white, black, or brown
Craft foam or felt
Craft glue
A full-face photo of your little one

Instructions: Ears: Cut a square of felt, fold it in half and cut 2 ear shapes at the same time. Do the same, but smaller, (but for the pink inner-ear part. Glue to the back of the frame, pink part facing the front, to make the frame have ears.

Nose: Cut a small triangle shape of felt to glue the three pom-poms on. Cut a square for the teeth and glue to the bottom of the frame. Glue the pom-pom triangle to the frame, but not on the space where the picture goes. It can, however, peek up into that space so your child’s photo will have a bunny face.

I hope you enjoy this selection of simple Easter activities for kids that I’ve put together for you. Try one (or all) of these great Easter activities with your kids to get the whole family ready for the holiday – no matter how you celebrate it.

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  1. All great ideas! Mine only want to do things that have to do with chocolate!

  2. I am in total love with the jelly bean/pop garden idea! how cute is that!!?

  3. Aaahhh!! Easter is coming up way too fast! Thanks for all the ideas. I need to get booking!

  4. I think we are going to be doing the Hand Print Easter cards for Grandma and Papa this year. They love these fun Easter crafts from the kids!

  5. My girls love to make photo frames, we have a ton of them through the house. Why not add more, they would love this. Thanks for the ideas!!

  6. I love the idea of a handprint card! Will get the kids to do some over the weekend

  7. We enjoy doing Easter crafts as a family. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.

  8. The eggshell mosaic craft is a BLAST! I did that once with my kids and had forgotten all about it until I read this.

  9. These are great ideas! I love the chalkboard pails and those would be great year after year!

  10. We plant Jelly Bean seeds every year. My daughter loves it!

  11. These are all such fun ideas. I love doing activities like these with my kids

  12. I am a total chalkboard paint addict. The chalkboard pails sound amazing!

  13. How fun! Easter is definitely one of my favorite times to create and craft! I love the idea of the Easter Eggshell Vase! That sounds incredibly cool!

  14. This handprint card sounds like something my son would love to do.

  15. What fun Easter activities! Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

  16. These are amazing activities for the kids, I know my girls would love to do these. Thanks!

  17. I love this craft! I should really tell my little cousins about this. :)

  18. Love the jelly bean seed idea. That’s adorable!

  19. I love all of these ideas, they are perfect for kids of all ages! I love how easy they are too, parents can help but let the kids do most of the fun parts!

  20. what cute and simple suggestions,, I cannot believe Easter is next week!

  21. Great ideas! I’d love to do the Handprint Easter Card with my daughter. This is her first Easter!

  22. Thank you for sharing these fun Easter crafts.

  23. thanx for all the great ideas–pinning to reference later this month!

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