5 Easter Themed Party Games For Kids

Easter is almost here! Get hopping into the spirit of this holiday with a few fun Easter themed party games for kids. If you are at a loss of what you can do to make this time of year more fun for your children, check out these fun-filled games. They are all inexpensive and simple to set up.

Easter Themed Party Games

Egg Rolling
Each player will need one hard-boiled egg
Markers for a starting line and a finishing line

Instructions: You decide how players get their egg across the line, but make it interesting and entertaining! Have them stand and push the egg with their feet, or get down on their hands and knees and push the egg with their noses. Whatever you decide, it can be changed up for rounds of fun.

Goal: The first player who gets their egg from the starting line to the finish line wins.

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny
A large picture of a bunny
Several paper bunny tails

Instructions: Hang the picture of the bunny on the wall and place a piece of tape on each bunny tails. Blindfold the players, individually, spin them around, and then have them try to pin their bunny tail on the bunny picture. It’s the same goal as Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Goal: To pin the bunny’s tail as close to where it should go as possible.

What’s in the Easter box?
One large box, decorated with Easter pictures (that kids can draw on)
Easter related items, hidden in the box (DVDs, books, games, candy, stuffed animals)

Instructions: Have children reach into the box without looking and pick up one item and guess what it is.

To guess the item in the box. For a prize let them keep the items they guess.

Easter Memory
24 Plastic Easter eggs
Pairs of small objects and trinkets that will fit inside the eggs. We used jewelry, money, snacks, coupons that say you’ve won a gift card (to be redeemed after the game) and small toys.

Instructions: Place objects inside of one half of each of the plastic eggs. Then cover with matching half of the remaining plastic eggs. Move the plastic eggs around and make four rows of six. Then have each player take a turn opening two eggs to try to find a match. If the object is the same, they get to keep them. If not, cover them back up and take turns until all of the matches are found.

Goal: The person with the most eggs at the end of the game is the winner.

Egg Hunt

Plastic Easter Eggs
Baskets for each player

Instructions: Hide the eggs and have kids find them on a time limit.

Goal: The person with the most eggs at the end of the game wins.

Host a memorable Easter celebration by letting kids have fun with these with these Easter themed party games that are perfect for kids of all ages!

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  1. Such simple yet classic ideas, I know my kids would love to do all of these!

  2. I remember playing an egg game at picnics when we were little. I think you had to balance the egg on a spoon and walk a certain distance without dropping it. It was really fun for the adults to watch!

  3. I am going to use these fun games for the preschoolers I care for when we have a little Easter party. I wish I could have an adult egg hunt! They are so fun :)

  4. Great games that are easy enough to pull together even at the last minute. Thanks for sharing the ideas, I know my kids would like to play them.

  5. I’ve always been such a big fan of memory games. I really like your Easter version!

  6. We dyed eggs every yea when I was growing up. Then on Easter morning my parents would take plastic eggs and hide them everywhere for an egg hunt. It was lots of fun!

  7. Got to have the egg hunt for sure. I think I participate in multiple egg hunts around my home before and even after the holiday. :)

  8. really great ideas- simple and classic. back to basics is always fun

  9. I love a good old easter eggs hunt! I remember participating in one when I was a kid every year. It was so much fun to do!

  10. cute ideas, my kids would love this!

  11. So much fun, what treat ideas! I have always loved egg hunts, we always do one on Easter!

  12. Fun game ideas! We have 5 little ones running around on Easter that will love them!

  13. What fun Easter games. Sounds like a great way to keep the kids occupied.

  14. These are such fun ideas for Easter. We love playing games and having an egg hunt.

  15. What fun! Love your game ideas. We definitely need to plan something fun like this on Easter.

  16. We love egg rolling. We have done it at Easter since I was little.

  17. I loved having outdoor Easter egg hunts for our kids and their friends in their younger years. These games are sure to thrill everyone at the party!

  18. Katy Rawson says

    Oh, I love these ideas. All the kids in our family hunt eggs each Easter, but once all the eggs have been collected we always have a let down moment of “what do we do now?” We’ll have to use your ideas this year to keep them busy until our dinner is ready.

  19. These are such fun ideas that work for kids of almost all ages.

  20. Sandra VanHoey says

    So glad you shared this. e can do this for a fun day with the kids here. We have never played any games, just did Easter egg hunt

  21. Melanie a/k/a CrazyMom says

    Love your party game ideas.. thanks for sharing, can’t wait to use some in our Easter Party in a few weeks, I bet the kids will have a blast

  22. These are so cute! Educational while being fun!

  23. These are cool games! Thanks for sharing

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