Explore St. Louis and Experience Family Fun

Mic check. Testing, 1, 2. Is this thing on?

Is this how you feel when you look around and see your kids on their phones? I feel your pain, but we can win this battle together! With summer right around the corner, I think it’s time to talk VACATION. If you’re anything like me, you’ve already scoped out vacation spots for your family this summer. One spot we really want to visit is St. Louis. Not only because it’s beautiful, but also because many of the attractions there are FREE!

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Off Their Phones

1. Make it Fair.

If you expect the kids to unplug, considering unplugging as well. Nothing is more discouraging than to hear that we’re going to spend time together as a family, only to look over and see Mom and Dad on their phones.

If the teenagers have to unplug, so do the toddlers! I know it’s easy to use the Kindle or iPad as a babysitter to keep the little ones from getting bored, but fair is fair.

2. Make it Fun!

Don’t make unplugging sound absolutely awful. Make your trip fun and they won’t be as worried about the electronics. Be sure to create an awesome playlist for the trip. Technically that means you’ll be using electronics, but that’s one way the rule can be bent without any trouble.

Explore St. Louis and Experience Family Fun

3. Hit the Local Attractions.

Some “must sees” in St. Louis that will keep the kiddos distracted and keep you sane include:

Blues Museum: Explore the Blues and celebrate the foundation of all modern American music. Children under 5 enjoy free admission. It’s located downtown near Laclede’s Landing and the Arch, and definitely worth adding to your itinerary for the day.

Butterfly House: Located inside the Botanical Gardens, the Butterfly House is more than just butterflies! You’ll see several species of butterflies as well as plants, and of course you’ll need to explore the rest of the Botanical Gardens while you’re at it. This is one of those stops that are educational without feeling like it. The kids will have tons of fun.

St. Louis City Museum: Speaking of fun, I promise you will have more fun at the St. Louis City Museum than you could ever imagine! The City Museum is an icon for all locals and a must see spot for all the tourists. It’s a 600,000 square foot playground for adults and kids alike, complete with a 10 story slide! The architecture is second to none, as a nice bonus.

4. Get Creative.

Upside-down coloring. Instead of just regular coloring, turn the pages upside-down and color from that angle. Have a coloring contest!

Window coloring. Buy some chalk markers and pull them out when you’re on your way to your destination and the kids just can’t take it anymore. :)

Cookie sheets. These things have saved our lives on road trips so many times! Maybe not literally, but our sanity has been saved for sure. You can create all kinds of games with magnets, velcro, etc. Get ideas from Pinterest.

5. Make it Short-Term.

Instead of banning electronics for the entire vacation, why not just have technology-free hours each day? If you’re in the car driving down a 100-mile stretch of boring highway, why not let the kiddos play a game or two on their phones? If you want your trip to truly be free from electronics, be sure to pack some travel board games, and be prepared to play 324,923 games of “I Spy”.

6. Take Lots of Pictures.

Visiting places like the St. Louis Zoo, which is one of the best zoos in the country and has free admission, gives you the opportunity to take lots of photos for your memory book. Another great photo opp is The Arch. To take a trip to the top, you’ll need to pay, but taking photos from the bottom is almost as fun!

7. Learn Something.

Stop by the St. Louis Science Center if you visit the Zoo (they’re just a few miles apart). You’ll enjoy free admission here, too! My favorite part of the Science Center is the Skybridge: you get to walk across the highway and check the speed of the cars driving by!

Make this summer fun and memorable by spending more time together, and less time plugged in. Your kids will thank you for it later.

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