5 Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Halloween

While children love to celebrate Halloween, it’s also a favorite holiday among many adults. For this reason, Halloween has gotten scarier and scarier over the past few decades. Instead of exposing your children to the gore and scares of Halloween, why not do something family-friendly? It might be going for a hayride or even decorating your home. Let’s take a closer look at a few family-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween.

5 Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Family Friendly Ways to Celebrate Halloween


A hayride is a great way to spend one of the evenings leading up to Halloween. You can find a number of hayrides that are fun for the whole family. Many have scares along the way, but are done in a way that kids won’t get too scared. These hayrides are meant to be fun. After all, Halloween needs a few scares here and there, just not ones that give your kids nightmares.

Movie Marathons

The month of October is a great time to have movie marathons. There are so many Halloween movies that are family-friendly. Whether it’s the old-school Universal Monster films or your favorites from TV, there’s lots to watch in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Make some yummy snacks and curl up in front of the TV together.


What would Halloween be without yummy treats? Get the family in the kitchen and make decorated cookies, cupcakes, and even a haunted gingerbread house. There are so many fun things you can make and Pinterest is loaded with great ideas.


You can find so many cute craft supplies at Michael’s, Walmart, and any other store that carries craft supplies. There are even craft kits made for kids. Choose something the entire family would love doing and do it together. For example, your husband could cut shapes from plywood and then you and the kids could work to decorate them for the yard.


Speaking of decorating, make it a tradition for you and the family to decorate the house together each year. You could go shopping for fun decorations or make your own. You could even design how you want each room to look and then go shopping to see if you can find what you need. Just be creative and have fun.

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary or a gore-fest. There are so many family-friendly things you can do together. Whether you bake cookies or watch movies, you and your family will love these family-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween.

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