Fun Food Ideas for Kids that are Healthy

If getting your kids to eat something healthy is a battle, let me share a few fun food ideas that I have a feeling even the pickiest of eaters will want to consider for a moment. These ideas are that fun! From Trees to Jellyfish Sandwiches, there are some great ideas here to make lunch (or snack) the perfect time to eat healthy!

Fun Food Ideas for Kids that are Healthy

Fun Food Ideas for Kids

Minion Food Art from Eats Amazing is a great way to make food fun for kids.

Edible Portraits from Art Club Blog will have kids of all ages excited about making their art and eating it too.

The Healthy Caterpillar Snack from In the Play Room is a food proof way to get kids excited about eating veggies.

T is for Tree from Crystal and Comp is a fun activity to help encourage your preschooler to learn.

Jellyfish Sandwich from The Connections We Share is a creative way to make regular sandwiches fun.

Flower Food Art Plate from Eats Amazing is a yummy way to introduce finger foods to little ones.

Frozen Banana Penguins from Reading Confetti is an absolutely adorable way to enjoy a banana.

Healthy Train Snack from In the Play Room that train lovers will get a kick out of. Choo Choo!

Tropical Fruit Boats from Sweet Silly Sara is a fun and appealing way to introduce little ones to fruit.

Vegetable Butterfly Snack from B Inspired Mama is a fun way to get kids to eat their vegetables.

I love that all of these fun food ideas for kids are a great way to help picky eaters try new foods and eat healthy. So, I will definitely be giving these ideas a try with my nieces, nephews and godkids.

Which of these recipe do you think your children would like most? I think the Healthy Train Snack and Tropical Fruit Boats would be the biggest hit in my house these days!

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  1. Getting kids to eat healthy foods (without complaining) can be a real challenge. I love these ideas! Thanks so much for putting them together.

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